Community Kindness

The Flo family are pretty passionate about giving back, that’s why we’re dedicated to this value and the mission to:

Empower and support vulnerable women and children globally.

Community Kindness is at the core of a giving revolution we’ve built with the belief that everyone is worthy of love and that together the POWER OF KINDNESS can make a whole lot of difference in this world.

Gift Wrap That Gives Back:

'Gift Wrap That Gives Back' started as an initiative implemented over Christmas 2020 and 2021. All proceeds from the $2 gift wrapping were donated to Upside Youth Mentoring and this initiative is now a permanent fixture across all Flo & Frankie stores, including online.

Upside Youth Mentoring is an incredible New Zealand organisation, working to support Aotearoa’s younger generation who have encountered adverse childhood experiences. Support is provided through volunteer mentors (including Flo & Frankie founder, Chrissy Conyngham) who share their time with these children, making them feel important and a little more loved than they did yesterday. These children are given a greater chance to continue on a positive path which ultimately leads Aotearoa's youth into a bright future.

Chrissy and the Flo & Frankie family have seen first-hand, how important the support for Upside is, and the important role their mentors provide to their respective communities throughout New Zealand. Flo & Frankie is proud to provide this ongoing support to such a worthy cause and grateful we can be part of that journey.

Flo Gives Back:

Flo Gives Back is an initiative that was founded in 2017, to empower and support vulnerable women and children. With a desire to build a business that gives back, where generosity is an intrinsic part of the business, Flo & Frankie are conscious that not all women have equal opportunities. Partnering with Share and Care Nepal, through Tearfund, an amazing project in Makwanpur began. Located in rural Nepal, Flo Gives Back assisted in creating an empowered community of women who were able to protect themselves from exploitation, and slavery, and drive their own social and economic development.

Flo Gives Back has also donated to a variety of other organisations, including Tearfund's Tonga Earthquake Appeal and Ukraine Emergency Appeal, as well as Upside Youth Mentoring here in New Zealand. In order to help these organisations, funding is essential. Therefore, a curated line of tops was designed by our in-house brand, Humble + Heart, as well as a jewellery line under the brand Flo Gives Back, where 15% of each sale from these products goes towards a donation fund. The kindness that customers show every time they purchase one of these products is extremely valuable in continuing support for these communities and organisations. Shop them HERE.

Some of the ways Share & Care Nepal supports this community is by:

(1)   Educating and training women to help them start their own sustainable businesses and empower them to build a brighter future for themselves and their children.

(2)   Supporting families financially so that they can enjoy socio-economic resilience to reduce the risk of children being trafficked.

(3)   Raising awareness about trafficking and exploitation to protect women and helping victims of trafficking gain the skills and support to re-unite with their families and create a living for themselves.

In 2018, we were blessed to visit the work for ourselves.

Learn about our annual impact from 2017 - 2021 here.  

Our values are the core foundations of Flo & Frankie, we have three base values from which all of our initiatives, developments and actions are derived from these are: High QualityCommunity Kindness & Environmental Responsibility.