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Event Season has arrived and so has the party edit

Can you feel it? The excitement and anticipation that's in the air every year when event season rolls around...
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Meet Pink Orchid | The Collection of your Dreams

Meet Pink Orchid, the newest collection brought to you by us, Flo & Frankie. With so much love poured in...
A girl in a dress

Our Newest Collection | Alfresco 'Fits

As sunny days turn into warm nights, there's nothing better than a shared meal in the fresh air with your fa...
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Build Your Capsule Wardrobe | Parisian Edition

We all know the feeling when you're trying to get dressed and have absolutely nothing to wear, yet, your war...

Gift Wrapping with Upside Youth Mentoring

As we have all come to know and love, Flo & Frankie does Christmas unlike anyone else. With a gift for e...
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Meet your Favourite Gift these Holidays

As the silly season approaches, take some of the stress away and let your loved ones choose a gift that they...
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Get the look for your Weekend Wardrobe

We spend so much time at work that sometimes our weekends get whisked away and we don't fully appreciate that time or the chance to rotate our...
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We invite you to... Self Care Sundays

We're sorry, it's time we give you a little reality check... Christmas is approaching and your life is about...
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Introducing our long time love | The Caker

It would be an understatement to say that here at Flo & Frankie, we're absolutely obsessed with Jordan R...
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Trafficking Unlocked | A Tearfund Event

As you may know, we've been proud partners with Tearfund NZ since the beginning of Flo & Frankie. We lov...
Hana Botanicals products

Introducing Hana Botanicals

Built with love and pride, here in Aotearoa. We feel so excited to have such an extraordinary brand with an equally amazing ethos in our boutiques. Inspired by their grandmother Hana Blanch Waitai Murray and the word Hana itself means to radiate & glow.
Simple Fancy Book

Recipe Reveal | Simple Fancy Passionfruit Slice

Vegan Food doesn't always have the best reviews when it comes to taste and ease. However, the Two raw Sisters, Margo and Rosa Flanagan are here to change your mind. Whether you're an avid meat-lover or a long time Vegan looking for some inspiration, this book, Simple Fancy, is truly for you and every other foodie you know!