Terms & Conditions


Once an order has been placed it unfortunately cannot be cancelled... however, if your feeling some serious buyers remorse (which, we can't exactly relate to at all... because we happen to think every item we stock is an absolute must-have!) then please get in contact with our team at shop@floandfrankie.com who can help you exchange your item for something else – after all, we’re here for you and want to totally love your goodies.

Warrantees and Guarantees

Flo & Frankie is a New Zealand company which means you are covered under the New Zealand Consumer Law – just for your own peace of mind.

Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

The Consumer Guarantee Act sets minimum standards for products to be sold at Flo & Frankie.  Therefore, if you receive something of a low quality or faulty, you have the right to return the item.

Fair Trading Act 1986

This is designed to protect you from being misled due to false advertising.  It applies to all aspects of promotion and the sale of goods and services, including: pricing, origin of the product, availability of products in stock, sales techniques and meeting the New Zealand safety standards.