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Flo Gives Back is an initiative that empowers and supports vulnerable and marginalised women in Nepal. Read on for more about our journey so far…


Flo Gives Back


In every corner of the world, there exists an opportunity to extend compassion, to weave tales of empowerment and to ignite transformation. At Flo & Frankie, our ethos isn’t just about offering quality products - It’s about giving back.



We have one simple, unshakable belief:



Every individual deserves love.



With this guiding principle , Flo Gives Back was born.

Flos Family working with Nepalese Women that are supported by Flo Gives Back
Flos Family working with Nepalese Women that are supported by Flo Gives Back

Why Nepal? Understanding The Cause:


The echoes of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal resonate even today. As homes turned to rubble and communities were shattered, the tremor left in its wake not just physical destruction, but deep emotional scars. The aftermath witnessed an upsurge in human trafficking, with the defenceless becoming targets of this atrocity.



However, from these adversities, rose the invincible spirit of the Nepali people , especially in the heartlands of Makwanpur.



Allying with Share & Care Nepal through Tearfund, we witnessed their groundbreaking initiatives firsthand:



  1. Empowerment Through Education: Enabling women to launch their own sustainable businesses, ensuring a brighter future for them and their children.

  2. Financial Stability: Building socio-economic resilience in families to mitigate the risk of children being trafficked.

  3. Awareness and Rehabilitation: Educating about trafficking, and more importantly, extending a healing hand to its victims, guiding them back to their families and equipping them with skills for a better life.

So what now? how do I get involved?


When purchasing from our Humble + Heart or Flo Gives Back collection, you're making a meaningful act of generosity. 15% of each sale goes directly to the cause and supports vulnerable women and families in Nepal.



Help us spread generosity! Wear our products, tell the story, and share on social media with #theflooneffect. The more people who know, the more we can do together!



Your purchase matters. It has a direct impact. Let's keep the momentum going. [Learn about our measurable impact from 2017-2023 here]

What else should I know?



Other Flo gives Back Endeavours:

Flo Gives Back proudly supports multiple charitable endeavours locally in NZ and gives to the response of devastating disasters. For example, we were able to donate to Tearfund's Tonga Earthquake Appeal, Ukraine Emergency Appeal, and the Red Cross flood relief in Napier.



Upside Youth Mentoring:

Another cause dear to our heart is Upside Youth Mentoring in New Zealand. Our founder, Chrissy, actively mentors with them and passionately encourages those who can to connect with the organisation here. If you would like to help, you can add Gift Wrap That Gives Back to ANY purchase in-store or online for $3.00. The entire $3.00 is donated to Upside Youth Mentoring.

What items can I buy to support Flo Gives Back?



Recognising the significance of financial contributions to the organisations mentioned above, our in-house brand, Humble + Heart, has crafted a special range of tops, while the Flo Gives Back brand has introduced a beautiful jewellery collection. 



With 15% of each sale from these items channeled into our donation fund, every purchase becomes meaningful. 



Here are just a few of the many pieces that the Humble + Heart and Flo Gives Back range has to offer: 

We deeply value our customers' commitment to aiding these communities and causes.



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