Flo Gives Back Impact

2021 Impact, Donated in 2022: $24,000

  • - The Dignity Project #2 was developed in a new District (Nuwakot).
  • - Community Self Help Groups (SHGs) have been formed and mobilised.
  • - Groups of 15-20 women supported each other to save a pool of funds from which they can borrow to improve their lives or support a small business.

2020 Impact, donated in 2021: $13,500

  • - More than 300 members received group loans to improve their farming, livestock and small businesses.
  • - Two survivors of human trafficking were supported to rehabilitate in their community and established income-generating businesses.
  • - Nearly all hotspots for trafficking in the Makwanpur district have been reached.
  • - The four-year project in Makwanpur ended with a sustainable business model in place.
  • - Share and Care moved into a new area (Nuwakot District) and started establishing WAGS and introducing their successful programme.

2019 Impact, donated in 2020: $13,723

  • - More than 400 WAG members participated in programmes to strengthen their groups.
  • - The local government supported WAGs to expand their impact in their communities.
  • - 48 girls received scholarships to complete schooling.
  • - Women participants increased their incomes between NZ$173 and $NZ463 per annum.

2018 Impact, donated in 2019: $10,250

  • - 85 women were supported so they could safely migrate for work.
  • - 28 women were involved in income generation activities including; vegetable, poultry, buffalo, pig, and goat farming as businesses.
  • - 32 girls attended a basic journalism training course.
  • - More than 2000 people received education on safe migration and anti-human trafficking.



2017 Impact, donated in 2018: $5,700

  • - 8 of the high school scholarships received in 2017, achieved in the top 5 positions in their respective classes.
  • - 21 Women’s Actions Groups (WAGS) were established involving 411 women engaging in a variety of workshops. Topics covered included unsafe migration; trafficking; gender-based violence; budgeting; skills-based training.
  • - 10 WAGS organised cleaning campaigns to improve and maintain the footpaths and roads for their villages as it provided the opportunity to keep an eye on movement in and out of their towns.

2016 Impact, donated in 2017: $948

  • - Support started for The Dignity Project in the Makwanpur District in Nepal with business training which helped 180 women. 
  • - 27 high school scholarships were given to girls from poor, vulnerable families.

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