Gift Wrapping with Upside Youth Mentoring

As we have all come to know and love, Flo & Frankie does Christmas unlike anyone else. With a gift for everyone in your life, whether it be Fashion, homewares or even one of our new and gorgeous Gift Cards, we have it! Now, we don't want to get everyone too excited but we're making it even easier for you. Our gorgeous take home bags have had a little face lift and now include ribbon slots, meaning you can pop the gift right under tree. Or, even better yet, we are now doing in-store gift wrapping for you! Only $3 to make your life so much easier!

Gift wrapping

Our gift wrapping isn't just here to make your gifts look beautiful. We have proudly partnered with the incredible New Zealand Organisation, Upside Youth Mentoring and proceeds from each gift wrapping purchase is going to go straight to Upside to support their worthy cause. Upside's mission is to ensure that the children of New Zealand have a brighter future filled with love. They work by pairing young people with Mentors who will provide them love and guidance as they navigate their adolescence. In fact, our very own Chrissy Conyngham has been a mentor for Upside for many years and described it as one of the most rewarding experiences she has ever been apart of. 

Upside Youth Having some well deserved fun!

Upside works with the youth of Aotearoa aged between nine and thirteen who have unfortunately experienced adverse childhoods. Upside pairs these gorgeous individuals with a mentor that is full of love and experiences, who will then spend quality time with their mentee each week. Upside was founded in 2006 and has since helped over 700 individuals with more than 6000 hours of mentoring taken part in, each year! This is such an incredible organisation that is helping Aotearoa's future blossom and grow into an amazing group of individuals. They deserve every dollar they get from our gift wrapping. You can click on the image here to find out more about Upside and their important mission.

children playing

With Love,

Flo Family and Upside Youth Mentoring xxx

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