Here at Flo & Frankie, we couldn’t be more excited about International Women’s Day 2023! We love championing women in business and life who are leading the way in their respective fields.

As a female founded business we’re committed to empowering and supporting women and children around the globe as much as we can.

We work with Share and Care Nepal via Tearfund New Zealand to donate 15% of every Flo Gives Back purchase to the Nepalese communities and we’re so proud to be able to donate to this amazingly worthy cause. Tearfund have been working around the clock to empower Nepalese women in so many areas, such as:

1. Educating and training women to help them start their own sustainable businesses and empower them to build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

2. Raising awareness about trafficking and exploitation to protect women and helping victims of trafficking gain the skills and support to re-unite with their families and create a living for themselves.

3. Supporting families financially so they can enjoy socio-economic resilience to reduce the risk of children being trafficked.

Through Flo Gives Back and Humble + Heart, we have a range of organic cotton tees and quality jewellery on offer. With every purchase made we donate 15% toward empowering Nepalese women through Tearfund’s efforts.

Here are our favourites:

We’re also honoured to stock an amazing range of products from female owned brands. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some female founders through our “Meet The Maker” series, and seeing inside these powerful women’s businesses is both insightful and incredibly inspiring! 

Read our latest interviews here:

Here at Flo & Frankie, we have a team of talented women who all offer different skills and backgrounds. We’re full of unique interests, strengths and talents, which we wouldn’t have any other way. In the lead up to International Women’s Day we asked our team who their favourite female business owner is at the moment (other than our very own Chrissy of course!), why they love the brand and who is a women they look up to in their lives.

Hannah - Marketing Manager

My favourite female founded business: The Caker. 

I’ve always loved baking and couldn’t be more obsessed with Jordan Rondel’s cake kits. I’m so inspired by what she’s done with the business and how far she’s grown it! I love how she’s always been true to herself and her incredible style within the industry and has shown us all that Kiwi women can make a real mark on the world when they follow their passion.

A woman in my life I admire is… My beautiful mum who gives her all to me and our family every day. The women I’m lucky enough to call my friends, who are supportive of each other and always there to lean on. Also, the women I get to work with at Flo HQ, who are full of creativity and generosity in helping others!

Shop The Caker here

Lucie - Milford Boutique Manager

My favourite female founded business: Home Lab.

Ever since the beginning of my time with Flo & Frankie, Home Lab has always been a favourite of mine! They emanate everything classic and timeless, while still having a unique flare.

A woman in my life I admire is…Rochelle, our Area Manager here at Flo! She has the biggest heart and it always shines through in everything she does. She’s exposed me to some amazing opportunities across my time and I’m incredibly thankful to have her as my manager and friend.

Shop Home Lab here

Amber - Customer Care Manager

My favourite female founded business: Ashley & Co.

I have recently been using the Ashley & Co Kitchen Spray and Dishwashing Liquid and I am totally loving the fragrance and how beautiful their packaging is. I always have these bottles on display, definitely makes me feel a bit fancy!

A woman in my life I admire is…For as long as I can remember it has always been my older sister, Brooke. She is such a strong and career driven woman whose always had my back and lead the way for me. She's recently become a mother and has tackled motherhood so seamlessly, she can really do it all. She's taught me women can do absolutely anything we want, even while being a hot mum!

Shop Ashley and Co here

Bronte - Communications Manager

My favourite female founded business: Murkani. 

Kiralee set up Murkani jewellery in 2013, focusing on creating timeless pieces that tell a story unique to its owner, I love the unique aspect to her products, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve always been into sustainability and knowing Murkani keep that in mind during their production process is so great!

A woman in my life I admire is… My mum! She has raised both my sister and I while also creating an interior design business, which went from strength to strength. It’s been so inspiring to see her juggle so much while doing it all with love and passion.

Shop Murkani here

Courtney - Marketing Assistant

My favourite female founded business: Hana Botanicals.

I love the philosophy behind this brand, as well as the care and love they put into their products. They're the definition of giving back what they take from the planet.

A woman in my life I admire is…My mum, she lives so authentically and will never do anything to compromise who she is. 

Shop Ashley and Co here

Hannah - Merchandise Planner

My favourite female founded business: Lyttelton Lights.

I LOVE their Sandalwood and Vanilla candles I have purchased it time and time again! I'm in love with this product as it helps me wind down and relax after a busy day.

A woman in my life I admire is…Sounds cliché and like a given but my mum is one of the most inspiring women I know. She is the true face of resilience, strength and always living life with a touch of laughter.

Shop Lyttelton Lights here

Maddy - Social Media

My favourite female founded business: Alive Body.

I love this brand as I grew up watching The Block and always loved the twins and their ‘girls can do anything’ attitude! So, when they brought out their own range of goodies with amazing values behind the company, I fell in love with the products instantly.

A woman in my life I admire is…My mum inspires me every day, we’re extremely close and she motivates me to be the best version of myself while staying true to my morals and values.

Shop Alive Body here

Geo - Creative Strategist

Geo - Creative Strategist

Geo - Creative Strategist

Geo - Creative Strategist

Geo - Creative Strategist

Geo - Creative Strategist

Geo - Creative Strategist

My favourite female founded business: Sophie.

I am all about delicate and simple pieces that I can wear every day! Belinda, the talented woman behind Sophie has put such an emphasis on creating jewellery to last you many years, so not only are they beautiful, but they’ll last for a life time.

A woman in my life I admire is…My mum inspires me every day. She has the kindest heart and spreads that to everyone she meets.

Shop Sophie here

Gemma - People and Development Manager

My favourite female founded business: The Commonfolk Collective.

Something I really love about this brand is how much personality and flare their products have, so much intricate thought and care has gone into each and every product.

Shop The Commonfolk Collective here

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