Introducing our long time love | The Caker

It would be an understatement to say that here at Flo & Frankie, we're absolutely obsessed with Jordan Rondel aka The Caker and her incredible treats! There's something for the chocolate lovers, the ones who love to try a new flavour combo and the "I don't want anything too sweet" dessert people. 

Jordan Was born in Auckland but her obsession for baking came from the time she spent with her grandparents in Paris, the home of all things yum! As she was self taught, she didn't feel as though there were any rules for her to follow – she could be free and let her imagination shine through. This is definitely highlighted when you look at her impeccable range of cakes and cake kits. 

Jordan Rondel- the caker
piece of cake

We love that even if you can't make it to one of Jordan's famous bakeries in Auckland or LA, her cakes are still in reach! There are 4 AMAZING cake kits by The Caker in Flo & Frankie boutiques. Within minutes, you can turn your own kitchen into an *almost* The Caker kitchen... With the same calibre of ingredients used, the taste and quality are exceptional.

These kits are fuss-free and fast, so that anyone can create a cake masterpiece for their next event, birthday, pot-luck dinner, or just because you feel like some weekend baking! 

Our Delicious Range of The Caker Cake Kits

We would highly recommend serving one of these the next time you host, plus, you don't have to lie when people ask if you made it yourself!

We love Jordan, all the work she's done to create amazing products for us to enjoy, and know that once you try one of her cake kits, you'll be just as smitten as us.

With Love,

Flo Family xxx

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