Climate change is one of the most significant challenges facing humanity today, and it requires a collective effort to combat. Every individual has a crucial role to play in addressing climate change, and by taking small steps, we can all make a significant impact together.

Greenspark are a dedicated team of passionate and optimistic individuals who care hugely about our planet and encouraging others to be doing more to protect it. Their founders came together with a common goal in mind: how can we create a real and meaningful impact while still allowing businesses to do what they do best?

Something that sets Greenspark apart is how it allows our customer to be included in the process of doing good. Every time you place an order online with us, big or small, you’ve helped us plant a native tree in the Nicaraguan forest. You’ll also receive the option to set up your own personal Greenspark dashboard. This is where you can track all the amazing initiatives you’ve supported by shopping with Flo & Frankie.

There are two key initiatives we are involved in with Greenspark, both just as important as each other.

1. Planting trees

For every online order placed with Flo & Frankie, we donate enough money to ensure a tree gets planted through Greenspark’s Eden Reforestation Projects. Based in the tropical and beautiful Nicaragua, Central America, they work tirelessly to plant an incredibly diverse range of native trees that ensure the greatest benefit to their local ecosystem. This also supports local communities by providing employment and fair wages which is equally as important.

Here are some incredibly exciting stats:

We’ve officially planted 23,579 trees through Greenspark!

- 9.43 hectares of land now have native trees thanks to you shopping with us!

- 216.927 tonne of CO2 has been removed from the atmosphere per year!

plastic being rescued

2. Rescuing plastic

Greenspark work closely with Plastic Bank in Southeast Asia. They rescue plastic from many areas around Asia, hit the hardest by the plastic pollution crisis. Local communities are employed with a fair living wage to retrieve plastic from the vast landscape and recycle it into new products. This helps reduce the need for new plastics to be manufactured.

Here are some incredibly exciting stats:

- 8,000 straws worth of plastic has been removed from landfill.

- 1,000 disposable coffee cups worth of plastic has been saved from landfill.

Greenspark continue to inspire us through all the impactful work they’re doing, not just with us, but with all the other companies wanting to make a difference. Sustainability and environmentalism are truly at the heart of everything we do and having Greenspark to help us in our endeavour is incredible.

Stay up to date with what Greenspark are doing on their website and Instagram, as well as keeping an eye on our socials and emails as we’ll keep you posted too!

Thank you for helping us care for Mother Earth, together.

The Flo Family xx


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