5 Ways To Go Plastic Free This July

It's July which means we are half way through the year and in the month where individuals and companies around the world make a further conscious effort (in addition to what they already do) to reduce plastic use across the globe. Reducing your plastic use even by a little amount is good for you, the waterways, marine life and our planet as a whole.

Below are the 5 simple ways everyone here at Flo & Frankie try to reduce their plastic use.

1. Use reusable cups and drink bottles

Reducing your plastic use doesn't mean you have to reduce your coffee consumption or get dehydrated! Investing in a reusable coffee cup and drink bottle is a great way to reduce your single use waste - we have a fun range of reusable cups and bottle available online and in-store, check them out below.

2. Go plastic free in the shower

Go plastic free in the shower, one of the biggest areas of single use plastic comes from your shower care. There are some amazing companies like Ethos+Co which work towards combating this and creating incredible solid forms of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Discover our range of body care below!

3. Make your tea plastic free

Did you know a lot of tea bags can contain micro plastics?! This July look out for yourself and the planet by choosing to drink loose leaf tea - we have such an incredible range... and of course our favourite On Sundays infuser to get you started!

4. Refuse pre-packed fruit and vegetables

While in NZ single use plastic bags are banned, have you considered other aspects of your food shopping where single use plastic may be sneaking in? One easy and quick swap out is to not buy pre-packaged fruit or vegetables, instead choose whole loose items which can be placed in a reusable bag!

5. Be Prepared

Make a plan for what you may be getting up to in a day. Going for a walk? Take a drink bottle with you! Thinking you might end up with a coffee? Bring your keep cup just in case! It's all about being conscious and aware of your habits so you can make small, simple and effective changes that don't necessarily impact your life in any major ways... It's a great place to start!

With love,

Flo & Frankie