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From the authors of the best-selling What the Fat? series of books for eating the low-carb, healthy fat way, comes their latest book, What the Face!. What we feed our bodies has a significant impact on our skin, our nails, our hair and on maintaining a youthful appearance (or not) as we age, and What the Face! is specifically designed to help you nourish and support both inner health and outer wellbeing. When most of us think about improving our appearance, we buy expensive moisturising creams and cosmetics, we shop for new clothes and visit the day spa, and yet we are often left disappointed. Why? Because lustrous hair, sparkling eyes and clear luminous skin comes primarily from the foods we eat and the alcohol we don#t drink. In What the Face! once again the What the Fat? team of experts addresses how what you put into your body also directly affects your physical appearance. Together, The Fat Professor Grant Schofield and Dietitian Dr Caryn Zinn expertly explain the science and practice of looking and feeling good, including skin health, the gut-brain-skin axis, and the trilogy that causes poor health. As always they then show you how to put the science into practice in your life by introducing Seven Food Foundations that you can control to keep you looking and feeling your best. Chef Craig Rodger has created beautiful recipes that are not only good for you inside and out, but also delicious and easy. What the Face! is a must-have addition to your look-good, feel-great toolbox to help you enjoy radiating energy and looking good from the inside out.