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We put Niomi Smart's cookbook to the test...

Growing up, mum and I had a Monday night tradition of doing a batch of baking for the week, our favourites to do were afghan cookies, anzac cookies and banana loaf. Fast forward years later, I still love baking with mum and friends, however we try and be a tad more inventive, rather than sticking to the same trusty recipes from my childhood.

Niomi Smart is a food/fitnness Youtuber from the UK, who also created her own cookbook 'Eat Smart' . I first heard about her through by my friend Alicia, I think she must have caught on to the fact that I was a major fan girl, because she ended up getting me the cookbook for my birthday!

Here are some of the recipes from the book that I've made with friends and have loved so far - plus some photos we managed to get (it was tempting to dig in straight away so this took major will power)...

Carrot cake loaf

I've always liked carrot cake, but this takes it to the next level with the 'cashew cheese icing'. I made this with my friends Chelsea & Alicia, and it was so good we went back for seconds right away!

Pic via Alicia's food gram, @robbsistas

Blueberry flapjacks


Another hit with the sweet tooth's, this recipe was super yummy, and you could probably swap the blueberries out for whatever other ones you have. The coconut makes this look pretty, so is a must for the topping.

Pic via Alicia's food gram, @robbsistas


Black bean brownies


I know I know, it sounds super strange right? They aren't your classic brownies, as they're more of a fudgey texture, but the flavour was delish. 

Pic via Alicia's food gram, @robbsistas


So what's the verdict?

Niomi's Eat Smart cookbook has such a good range of sweet and savoury - I've made probably 60% of the recipes and I have to admit they always keep me coming back for more - she's got some of the best flavour combos! She's also put in a lot of fab info about healthy eating and key ingredients at the beginning. 



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