Working at Flo & Frankie is a truly unique experience, and you're part of a team passionate about creating a loving culture, empowering its employees, and providing unwavering support. From the moment you walk through the doors, you can feel the warmth and positivity that emanates from every person you meet, whether our Head Office or our boutiques. 

Something we focus heavily on is the internal progression of our team, both in our Head Office and our New Zealand-based stores. We've seen retail assistants turn into talented managers and retail assistants moving into the Head Office. 

We've taken some time to talk to some amazing members of our team to learn about their own progression and what they love about working at Flo & Frankie. 

Iris – Fashion & Accessories Buyer

Hi Iris! Where did you start at Flo & Frankie, and where are you now? 

I began in 2018 as the Store Manager at the first downtown Auckland store. After working in the company for a year, I applied for the role of Fashion Buyer. I was thrilled to get this role and have learnt so much since then. My role has now grown to include Accessories buying too.

What did you love about working in one of our boutiques?

The people! I learnt so much about the New Zealand market (as I am French, I mostly worked with European fashion trends), and I was able to gain a good understanding of what people loved here, which has definitely helped me now in my buying role.

What do you love about your current Head Office role?

I love how diverse my days are; working with a variety of brands and products, it’s impossible to get bored! I’m also so lucky to work with amazing people in the office, and the designers, suppliers and brand owners all across NZ and Australia. It’s incredible to see how much Flo & Frankie has grown in the last 6 years and I know it’s only going to get better.

Lucie - Milford Store Manager

Hi Lucie! Where did you start at Flo & Frankie, and where are you now?

I have been a part of the Flo & Frankie family for almost 5 years now, time really does fly when you're having fun! Before my time here, I was a full time mum to my lovely kids, I then moved to one day a week as a sales assistant in our Milford boutique.

What did you love about working in one of our boutiques?

Starting my journey in the Milford store was such a blessing, it taught me the skills of working in the retail space. I was then encouraged by my supportive manager, Rochelle, to move to the Ponsonby boutique in the manager role. I had the honour of spending a year in that role as manager of Ponsonby, when the opportunity of managing Milford popped up and I took it! I adore the team I get to work with everyday, we all learn off one another constantly and I find that incredibly valuable.

Monique – E-Commerce & Photoshoot Coordinator

Hi Mon! Where did you start at Flo & Frankie, and where are you now?

I began at the start of 2021 as the E-commerce Assistant. My role was to upload all the products being sold on our online boutique and ensure everything went smoothly with regards to that. Since then, having worked through COVID I’ve seen the E-Commerce side of the business grow so much, and along with that my role has grown to now organise, style and direct our studio and campaign photoshoots as well as merchandising the website and making your online shopping experience an inspiring one!

How did you feel supported in the growth of your role?

I am so lucky to work in an incredibly supportive team who have helped me through the growth of what my role entails. It’s been so fun to have more responsibility and to see photoshoots come to life, and my team have put a lot of trust in me as well which means a lot!

What do you love about working in Head Office?

I love collaborating with people in other teams, and getting to know everyone who helps make this business such a success. We have lots of laughs, eat lunch or get coffees together when we can and it makes all the difference.

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Selena - Newmarket Store Manager

Hi Selena! Where did you start at Flo & Frankie, and where are you now?

I started at Flo & Frankie back in 2021 as the Newmarket Store Manager, and I am still very happy in the same role and same boutique. I was then presented with the offer of helping open new Flo & Frankie stores, the first being in Wellington. I played a part in the renovation of the space, getting to work alongside empowering women alike. I learnt so much, having the chance to design back rooms, setup and train new staff and so much more!

What do you love about working in our boutiques?

Coming to work and being happy is of huge importance to me, and I can safely say I have an absolute blast coming in at Flo & Frankie. Being challenged alongside my team, and coming up with solutions together brings me so much joy. Being a wife and mum gives me plenty to juggle in life, but having the support of management and my team makes me feel like I can conquer anything.

Hannah – Merchandise Planner 

Hi Hannah! Where did you start at Flo & Frankie, and where are you now?

I started as a Sales Assistant in the Milford (Auckland) boutique in 2018. I was then promoted to Stock Coordinator for Milford and have now progressed to Merchandise Planner at the Head Office. I’ve been in this role for 2.5 years and absolutely love it!

What did you love about working in one of our boutiques?

I loved meeting all the customers and helping them find outfits that made them feel confident! It was the best feeling. We had so much fun styling! I also loved the friendships I had with the other staff in the store.

What do you love about working in Head Office?

I love the real family vibe in the office. We’re one big team and help each other with all sorts of jobs. We have proper belly laughs all day, every day! I’ve loved being able to grow here and use the experience from previous roles to continue progressing in my career.

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With love,

The Flo Fam xx

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