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The Genesis of a Vision: Share and Care Nepal

In 1994, a dentist named Ramesh Kumar embarked on a journey that would not only change his life but also transform countless others in Nepal. This journey began with a simple dental outreach initiative, which quickly evolved into a medical clinic ministry. However, Ramesh soon realised that these efforts, while noble, were not enough to foster sustainable change. This realisation marked the birth of Share and Care Nepal.

A Pivot Towards Lasting Change

Understanding the need for a more impactful approach, Ramesh traveled to India for a three-month training program, learning from those who excelled in community development. Armed with this knowledge, he returned to Nepal and redirected his efforts towards community development projects. This shift marked a significant turning point for Share and Care Nepal.

Transforming Communities through KAASC

Today, Share and Care Nepal stands as a beacon of hope, committed to transforming lives and communities. The organisation emphasises behaviour change, covering various aspects from health to social and financial issues. The core of its approach is the KAASC methodology:

  1. Knowledge: Educating people about the importance of good sanitation and health.
  2. Awareness: Raising awareness to foster attitude changes.
  3. Attitude: Encouraging the adoption of healthy practices.
  4. Skills: Providing skills training, like using toilets effectively.
  5. Capacity: Building community capacity to sustain these improvements.

Wide-reaching Impact

Share and Care's influence extends across two districts and three municipal counties in Nepal, impacting an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 people. The organisation's unique approach involves forming groups (farmers, women, adolescents) that identify and address local challenges, from domestic violence to economic and literacy issues.

The Power of Motivational Basket Funding

A key initiative is the motivational basket fund, which provides seed funding for community-selected individuals to start or expand businesses. This approach not only empowers individuals but also creates a ripple effect, improving the entire community's economic stability.

One Story Among Thousands

Ramesh recalls a particularly moving story of a woman who was on the brink of suicide, feeling utterly hopeless. Sold to a circus in India, she saw no way out until Share and Care Nepal intervened. The organisation provided her with a place in an adolescent girls group, counseling, skills training, and a small loan. Today, she owns a tailoring shop, is married, has a child, and lives a fulfilling life. This story is just one of many that highlight the profound impact of Share and Care Nepal.

Beyond Individual Lives

Share and Care's impact isn't limited to individuals. One of the women in their program was elected village chief, a testament to the organisation's influence in empowering women and fostering leadership.

A Mission Driven by Faith and Compassion

Ramesh draws inspiration from his faith and the biblical teachings of love and service to others. He finds joy in the smiles of those he helps, knowing that they are safe from exploitation and can live dignified lives.

Sustainable Projects: The Heart of Share and Care Nepal

In the realm of community development and social transformation, sustainability is key. Share and Care Nepal, under the visionary leadership of Ramesh Kumar, embodies this principle in every project it undertakes. The organisation meticulously plans each initiative with a focus on long-term sustainability, ensuring that their projects continue to thrive even after their direct involvement ends. A testament to this approach is a project visited by Ramesh and the Regional Director of TF, which remains robust 13 years after Share and Care's departure.

A New Venture: Sustainable Income through Hospitality


Recently, Share and Care Nepal has embarked on an innovative path to self-sustainability by starting a hotel. This venture is not just a business; it's a strategic move to generate regular income to support their various community projects. This approach demonstrates a forward-thinking attitude towards non-profit management and self-sufficiency.

Targeting the Most Vulnerable

The regions where Share and Care operates are among the poorest in Nepal. These communities are not only economically disadvantaged but also face numerous challenges like poor accessibility, child marriage, and human trafficking. Particularly vulnerable are the Tamang communities, where seasonal migration to India for agricultural work is common, leaving them exposed to traffickers.

Combating Human Trafficking

Traffickers often prey on school dropouts and economically disadvantaged families, luring them with false promises of a better life. Share and Care Nepal confronts this issue head-on by providing education about trafficking, supporting schools with better facilities and supplies, and even creating an anti-trafficking ringtone to raise awareness locally. Their efforts have led to a noticeable decrease in trafficking to India, though challenges remain with trafficking to other countries.

Education and Awareness: Key to Prevention

Share and Care's strategy includes teacher training and child education to raise awareness about the dangers of trafficking. By improving the school environment and ensuring that children are educated on these issues, the organisation fosters a sense of resilience and awareness among the young. Children in these programs now confidently say, "I won't be trafficked; they won't sell me."

A Vision Supported by Partnerships

The success and longevity of Share and Care Nepal have been made possible through the support of various partners. For over 30 years, these partnerships have enabled the organisation to work towards its vision of a world free from trafficking, where people lead abundant and transformed lives. This gratitude towards their partners is a humble acknowledgment of the collective effort required to make a significant impact.

The Ongoing Mission

As Share and Care Nepal continues its noble work, Ramesh Kumar and his team remain committed to their mission of transforming lives and communities. Through sustainable projects, innovative income-generating ventures, and relentless efforts against human trafficking, they are a beacon of hope in Nepal. With continued support and collaboration, their vision of an abundant life for all seems ever more attainable.

Share and Care Nepal represents a remarkable story of commitment, transformation, and hope. It's a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and the belief that every individual has the potential to bring about positive change in their community.

Flo and Frankie proudly donate to Share and Care Nepal through Tearfund.

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