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The key to building the perfect capsule wardrobe is ensuring that you've got trans-seasonal pieces that will take you through the year with ease. There's never been a better time to invest in these key trans-seasonal styles than now, as we transition from summer to autumn. A chill has definitely been welcomed into the morning air but during the day, isn't that sunshine gorgeous! So, we need to honour and thank Mother Earth for these beautiful days by wearing the perfect trans-seasonal styles to take us not only through the day, but through the year.

Transeasonal Trousers

The perfect pair of trans-seasonal pants is the foundation to any capsule wardrobe. We'd suggest having one light/natural pair, perhaps even one of our linen styles. Next, you need to have your darker tones, whether you go with a classic black pant or, a dark green shade is the perfect alternative. Finally, in your collection of trans-seasonal trousers, you need some denim. Whether you're a skinny or straight leg fit, a light blue or black, we have the perfect pair of denim just for you!

Transitional Shirts

Now to start building on your capsule wardrobe, you need tops and shirts that are easy to throw on and layer. A few button ups are key, as well as tanks and blouses that you can transition from weekend to workwear, summer to autumn. These styles are the definition of trans-seasonal fashion.

Bold & Beautiful Blazers

We're going to let you in on a little secret, the one thing you need to take your outfit to a whole other level is the perfect blazer. Blazers are a key trans-seasonal piece and let's be real, they go with every outfit. Whether you prefer a linen look or a more structured shapely blazer, our collection is not to be rivalled. We promise, you'll find your perfect blazer by clicking here or browsing below.

Gold & Silver

Last but most definitely not least, accessories! You just can't have enough trans seasonal accessories to mix and match with! We love having a few handbag choices to reach for, something petite for a night out, something neutral to simplify every outfit and finally, something bold to add a burst of beauty to even the most simple outfit. We suggest brands like Brie Leon, Saben and Coop to fulfil all your handbag desires. Then, the final touch is adding a bit of glamour with your jewellery, whether you're a silver or gold lover, do we have the pieces for you! We're going to let you in on a little trick, you can mix and match, we love a metal pair with a pearl for a really fun look! This is the key to keeping your trans-seasonal capsule wardrobe true to you.

Transitioning from summer to autumn really is the perfect time to treat yourself and invest in some key trans-seasonal pieces. This is such a great investment and will save you so much time, money and energy in the future. Plus, it's such fun! Enjoy and choose pieces that are timeless but still you! The mould was made to be broken after all.

With Love,

Flo Family xx

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