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In today's fast-paced world, where every new dawn brings a fresh beauty trend, one shift seems to be knocking on everyone's door: the rise of cruelty-free, vegan skincare powered by nature’s bounty. 

The move to calming skincare

In the vast world of skincare, there’s a shift towards calming and soothing products, specifically tailored for sensitive or reactive skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

Benefits for Skin Conditions

  1. Gentle on the Skin: Natural skincare products are often gentler than synthetic alternatives. This is particularly important for those with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis, as harsh chemicals can exacerbate these issues.
  2. Fewer Irritants: Since they are typically free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, natural products are less likely to cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, or dermatitis.
  3. Natural Healing Properties: Many natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, and chamomile, have inherent healing and anti-inflammatory properties. These can soothe and repair the skin, helping to alleviate symptoms of various skin conditions.
  4. Hydration and Nourishment: Natural oils and butter, like shea butter and coconut oil, provide deep hydration and nourishment, which is essential for maintaining healthy skin barrier function. This is crucial for those with dry or sensitive skin.
  5. Antioxidant-rich: Many natural products are rich in antioxidants, which help combat free radicals and can reduce the signs of ageing and environmental damage.

Reasons for the shift towards natural skincare

  1. Increased Awareness of Harmful Ingredients: There's growing awareness about the potential negative impacts of certain synthetic ingredients on both health and the environment, leading consumers to seek safer alternatives.
  2. Eco-consciousness: Natural skincare products are often more environmentally friendly, not just in their ingredients but also in their packaging and production processes.
  3. Transparency and Trust: Consumers are increasingly seeking transparency in their skincare products. They want to know what's in their products and how they're made, and natural skincare brands often provide this transparency.
  4. Holistic Health Approach: There's a growing trend towards holistic health and wellness, where consumers are more mindful of what they put in and on their bodies.
  5. Effectiveness: As natural skincare technology advances, these products are becoming more effective, rivalling their synthetic counterparts in performance.
  6. Cultural and Social Influences: Influencers, celebrities, and wellness experts often promote natural skincare, influencing consumer preferences.

Embracing Nature: The Rise of Vegan, Cruelty-Free Skincare

The allure of retinoids, vitamin C, and exfoliating acids promises that coveted influencer glow. However, excessive use of such ingredients can strain our skin barrier. The result? Dryness, redness, flakiness, and breakouts.  

Synthetic ingredients, while effective in some cases, can sometimes be harsh, especially for those with sensitive skin. 

Natural ingredients, on the other hand, often mirror the essential nutrients our skin craves, leading to better compatibility and reduced chances of reactions. 

Ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, and rosehip oil have been cherished for centuries across different cultures for their healing and rejuvenating properties.

Signs you’re overdoing it

If you’re experiencing dryness, tightness post-washing, or even stinging and burning sensations when applying products, these could be signs of an impaired skin barrier.

Environmental factors like UV exposure, pollution, and temperature changes further challenge our skin, possibly leading to “inflaming ageing” - a breakdown of collagen and elastin caused by persistent inflammation.

The cruelty-free evolution in skincare

With the skincare landscape shifting towards calming remedies, there's another parallel revolution worth noting: vegan skincare. As consumers become more ethically aware, there's a conscious move towards animal-friendly, plant-based products.

Forecasts indicate that by 2027, the vegan cosmetics arena will catapult to a staggering $21 billion worth. This isn't just a statistic; it's a testament to consumers making purposeful choices that align with their ethical values, steering away from brands with questionable practices.

Vegan vs. Cruelty-Free: Knowing the Difference

Cruelty-free products ensure that no animals were harmed or tested on during their production, while vegan items guarantee the absence of animal-derived ingredients. When you combine these with natural ingredients, you get a trinity of ethical, healthy, and sustainable beauty.

What is Vegan Skincare?

Vegan skincare means NO animal-derived ingredients have been used to make your beauty product. Think of it as a plant-powered party for your skin, with ingredients like avocado, almond oil, and shea butter stealing the show. It's not just kind to bunnies and bees, but it's also often a friend to the environment with eco-friendly packaging.

 What is Cruelty-Free Skincare?

Cruelty-free skincare refers to skincare products that have not been tested on animals at any point during their production process. This concept is distinct from vegan skincare, although the two often overlap. Cruelty-free products can still contain animal-derived ingredients (like honey or beeswax), as long as they haven't been tested on animals. 

Is Natural Skincare Really Better?

If you're still on the fence about choosing vegan, cruelty-free skincare with natural ingredients over conventional options, consider this:

  1. Ethical Assurance: You'll be sure that no living being was harmed for your beauty.
  2. Gentle Nourishment: Natural ingredients are often gentler and more nourishing, providing the skin with the essential nutrients it needs.
  3. Sustainability: Your choices will support a more sustainable and eco-friendly industry model.
  4. Transparency: You'll be more informed about what goes onto your skin and into your body.

How Natural Skincare Impacts The Environment

The beauty industry, unfortunately, is a significant contributor to environmental degradation, be it through plastic packaging or harmful chemical runoff. Natural skincare products often come from brands that prioritise eco-friendly packaging and sustainable sourcing, further reducing their environmental footprint. 

Transparency and Trust

Another facet of the vegan, cruelty-free, and natural skincare movement is the transparency it brings. Brands often clearly label and promote their ingredients, allowing consumers to know exactly what they're applying to their skin. This openness fosters trust—a precious commodity in an industry riddled with tall claims and photo-shopped results. 

Where can I get all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan skincare?

You came to the right place. We have recently had the absolute honour of stocking NO BAD DAYS skincare range.

NO BAD DAYS is vegan, cruelty-free, made in NZ, and made from natural ingredients.

Julia, the visionary behind No Bad Days Skincare, recognised a gap in the skincare market. Her journey began from personal struggles; years spent avoiding social events due to insecurities surrounding her skin condition.

During the pandemic, she experimented with various formulations in her kitchen, leading to the breakthrough creation of the Himalayan Pink Salt Facial Spray. Its transformative effects were not just skin-deep—along with healing her skin, it restored her moisture balance and curbed new breakouts.

With a commitment to transparency, her skincare line emphasises natural, local, and uncomplicated ingredients. Designed in New Zealand, the products stand testament to the potency of nature, promising discernible results.

We are IN LOVE with No Bad Skin Days.

Find her Himalayan Pink Salt Facial Spray or Soothing & Clarifying Clay Mask in our makeup & skincare category. 

What other brands do you stock that are vegan and cruelty-free?

Good question - here is just a tiny snapshot of brands that we stock who are leading figures in the vegan, cruelty-free movement.


Lük Beautifood is committed to creating beauty products that are %100 natural, vegan, cruelty-free and toxin-free.


F + S makes beautiful face, hair and body soap bars that are made from %100 natural ingredients.

“Sustainability is a top priority for us at F+S. We actively contribute to a greener future by driving an EV, harnessing solar power from the roof of our soap studio, reusing materials and recycling what we can reuse. 

However, we aren't stopping there. We are constantly seeking ways to improve and push the boundaries of sustainable practices, ensuring a more environmentally conscious approach in everything we do.”


Indie + Mae, established in 2017 in New Zealand, is the creation of Kiwi entrepreneur Nikki Otto. Her goal is to craft exquisite, natural, and eco-friendly products that boost self-confidence and empowerment. Every product is lovingly made by Nikki herself, designed to enhance inner and outer beauty.


Peggy Sue Co is a brand committed to ethical practices, fostering a community focused on appreciating beautiful, sustainable self-care moments at a slower pace.


Ashley + Co’s products are free from parabens, silicones, phthalates and other toxic chemicals. They are cruelty-free and locally made here in Auckland, New Zealand.


The Skin Kitchen is committed to creating quality natural, vegan & cruelty-free skincare products that support, nourish and enhance your skin. 

Natural, vegan formulations that not only respect the environment but also provide your skin with the nourishment it craves. By choosing vegan & cruelty-free products, you are embracing a philosophy of sustainable beauty that cherishes your skin’s health and the planet's well-being.


Experience the transformative power of nature at Flo & Frankie. 

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