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In the heart of New York an artist named Roanne found herself in a dilemma.

She was searching for handbags that were not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional, which led her to take matters into her own hands, quite literally.

In the unassuming confines of her parents' garage, the first Saben bag was born! And thank goodness for that.

Flo & Frankie have proudly stocked Saben bags since…well…forever and we see this friendship lasting a lifetime.

This is our ode-to-Saben! We hope you enjoy it.

Roanne - Saben’s Founder

Roanne's unique sense of style and her ability to carefully interpret trends set her apart in the world of fashion.

Every collection crafted by Saben is a testament to deliberate design and scrupulous attention to detail.

The striking textured leathers and the inherently practical design make Saben bags an essential part of anyone's wardrobe! 

Saben’s Design Philosophy

Saben believes in creating 'Fewer, More Beautiful Pieces.' This ethos is deeply embedded in every design by Roanne. Their pieces are not just about immediate appeal; they are crafted to be treasured for years!

Saben’s range is a testament to this philosophy, featuring modern, versatile pieces that are consistently well-made and enduring.

Design and Responsibility

Saben stands at the intersection of pure design and conscious creativity. Their modernist approach is informed by elements of travel, innovation, and heritage.

In Saben’s journey towards being a more mindful business, they have created limited ranges each season, all handcrafted with meticulous care.

Their commitment extends to environmental consciousness, demonstrated by the switch to recyclable paper and biodegradable packaging.

Saben collaborates with local businesses to ensure their bags are not just fashionable but also sustainable, lasting treasures in your wardrobe.

Made from Quality Leather

Saben chooses top-grain leather for its exceptional quality and enduring nature. This natural, biodegradable fiber presents a much better option compared to its plastic-based counterparts like PU, offering better end-of-life potential.

Their leather is sourced from a tannery awarded a Gold standard by the Leather Working Group (LWG), ensuring environmental responsibility in its production. WOW.

Sourced locally to their makers, Saben’s leather comes from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Europe.

Choose Saben for a bag that will be a part of your wardrobe for life!

Where are Saben Bags Made?


Saben’s manufacturing partners in Guangzhou, China, are more than just collaborators; they've been a part of their journey since 2015, working closely with their founder, Roanne.

These two small, family-run factories produce Saben’s limited collections each year, using leather sourced from LWG Gold Standard certified tanneries.

Despite the travel restrictions of the last few years, Saben’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality remains unwavering, with their local representative, Ting, regularly visiting each factory.

Saben takes pride in these partnerships and their manufacturing story. They ensure compliance with SEDEX standards for ethical supply chains and employment, as well as adhering to internationally recognised ISO best practices.

Their dedication to ethical and quality manufacturing is a cornerstone of the Saben brand. 

How to Style Your Saben Bag

Whether you’re heading to the office, going out for a coffee, or attending a special event, there’s a Saben bag to suit every occasion!

  1. Everyday Chic: For your daily hustle, pair a Saben tote with your go-to pants and a classic white tee. Add a blazer for a professional edge or a cute knit for a more laid-back look
  2. Evening: Choose a chic Saben clutch for your evening engagements. The perfect companion for your party dress or matching set. Don’t forget to match it with statement jewellery to complete the look!
  3. Weekend Casual: Opt for a Saben crossbody bag for those relaxed weekend vibes. Perfect for a casual brunch or a shopping trip. Pair with a maxi dress for a look that’s effortlessly cool.
  4. Bold Statement: If you're looking to make a statement, go for one of Saben's brightly coloured or textured bags. These are great for adding a pop of colour to a monochrome outfit or for mixing and matching with other bold patterns and textures. 

Saben is committed to making beautiful, enduring pieces that resonate with women, while being mindful of their impact on the world.

Flo & Frankie is so proud to stock Saben bags - pop in-store or online to shop their latest collection. 

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