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Author Josh Floyd's latest book 'Resilience - How to turn adversity into strength' explores how life’s journey isn’t always a walk in the park, but there are ways of forging your own path. 

Josh's work draws on experience in future studies, strategic foresight, and systems thinking and practice. This pocket-sized book of simple but effective tools and tips will help you to build your inner reserves, and ensure you bounce back from adversity stronger than ever.

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'Resilience' is perfect to help reframe your mindset and start everyday with refreshed optimism! Have a read below of 'Resilience's' top reviews online:

Kar | 5 Stars:

If you want to have daily affirmations, this is the book for you. At least one page a day and it will give a good flow of energy or vibe to your daily life.

Jess | 5 Stars:

With my warm cup of coffee in hand, I read a page every morning to start my day with a positive affirmation. It was the perfect way to spend my morning before the chaos began.

If you’re looking for something short yet resonating, this is the perfect book to have beside you. Reading a page before the day begins or at the end of the day before rest, you will find the quotes and passages within this book are powerful and remindful of truths for living.

This a book I will always keep on my nightstand table, and will continue to reread it over and over. Turning adversity into strength begins with your mindset. It begins with this book.

“However long the night, the dawn will break.” - African Proverb

Pete | 4 Stars:

In other editions this is called "The Little Book of Resilience" which sums it up perfectly. This is great - inspirational quotes, challenges to reframe our thinking etc. But it's also what it says ... a little book of resilience. Don't expect this book to do the work for you. But it's a great nudge to remind ourselves to do the work.

Andrew | 5 Stars:

Help in finding that inner strength during times of adversity.

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