Let us finally introduce you to the brand of the hour: Frank Green. As we all know by now, these bottles have taken the world by storm in the past couple of years! Originally based in sunny Melbourne Australia, these gorgeous pop's of colour can now be found in every corner of the world, and now in New Zealand through Flo & Frankie, both in store and online.

There's so much to know and love about Frank Green, so we're here to showcase our favourite aspects!

Who are frank green?

Frank Green isn't a person, it's a philosophy!

They started with a simple, honest approach to sustainability - to reduce single-use plastic waste by reimagining cups and bottles.

It's now their mission to create lifestyle solutions that are built to last and great for the planet. to achieve this, they create beautifully-designed, functional and multi-award-winning products that you’ll love to use, and re-use, over and over and over again.

They want to empower people to make simple, sustainable choices every day. because together we can move toward a better, greener future.

and to be frank, we need to.

Our faves:

Now we've got a feeling that these stunning bottles won't be around forever! So with that being said, it's time to pop in store and grab one for yourself

Talk soon,

Flo's Family xx

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