When you think of artisan homeware and beauty products within New Zealand, most would think of Ashley & Co, with good reason! 

Ashley & Co began over a decade ago in the heart of Jackie Ashley's garage, founded from a creative experiment led by the ever-curious Jackie Ashley. Having grown up in the fast paced and exotic Hong Kong, Ashley quickly found herself inspired by the luscious smells and aromas that came with living in Hong Kong. 

We interviewed Jackie to get a sneak peek inside the wonderful world of the team behind Ashley & Co. 

Tell us a bit about how Ashley & Co came to be.

The foundations of Ashley & Co were all about melding together my love of scent, interiors and creating beautiful, functional products for every home. When we launched, we’d just moved into our first home, and I drew inspiration from that environment as well as my past travels and products that I’d experienced and loved along the way. Our Home Perfume was our first product and the first of its kind in here in New Zealand.

What are some things you need to have around you to feel inspired and happy at work?

Very little actually, but at home, I usually have an ongoing cup of roasted rice tea, and when in the office the buzz of people around me is plenty inspiration!

Tell us about your space, where do you create your work, do you work with others or have your own space?

Our office workspace is a very collaborative environment. Most of the office is open plan with two smaller offices for the creative and sales team. The creative team definitely needs their own space to house the ever building accumulation of boxes, packaging and product samples. Currently we have 3-4 of us in this space at one time, and I love it!

How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

Purposeful, authentic and uplifting!

Is there one item or perhaps a collection in particular that is your all-time favourite?

I always have a Tint Me Lip Punch  - in my bag or in the car. It’s not unusual to find  extras tucked away in my jacket pockets or drawers too! Both smell good enough to eat and contain super nourishing properties: extracts and oils to rehydrate.

Flo & Frankie is focused on showcasing brands that work hard to improve their business practices by reducing their impact on the environment, improving the livelihoods of all employees in their supply chain or giving back to the community around them. Is this something your brand does? If yes, can you share some details with us?

We are constantly evolving and looking at ways we can do things better with less impact on the environment. We are also on our B Corp journey which is not a small undertaking, with an emphasis for us on social enterprise and communities. So watch this space.

What are some of your go-to or hidden gems in your area? This could be your fave spot to walk, picnic, dine, shop etc

Wai Manawa/Le Roys Bush scenic reserve is a beautiful part of Birkenhead filled with walks through the incredible forested gullies. 

- For dining out, Duo is our local eatery. Amazing breakfast through to dinner menu.

- Bricolage is a gorgeous store with reupholstered and lacquered vintage furniture, soft textiles, and precious pieces.

What do you do to switch off?

For me, exercise is an important part of my life that greatly impacts my overall wellbeing.

To fully switch off, it’s time with the family, happy at home – Home truly is where the heart is!

Our favourites...

Thank you so much Jackie, for taking the time to let us see a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at Ashley & Co. Flo & Frankie have been long-time stockists (and lovers) of Ashley & Co and we always have one of their candles burning in the office, and hand wash by our sinks!

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With love,

The Flo's Family xx