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When navigating the job application process, numerous considerations come into play, from effectively communicating your skills to choosing the right outfit for an interview. 

The interview outfit you select can significantly shape the initial impression you make, and as you can imagine, Flo & Frankie get it! 

While each person's style in the Flo & Frankie offices may vary, a universally embraced principle governs our dressing strategy for professional engagements: if it instills a sense of confidence, we wear it.

However, it's essential to acknowledge certain limitations within this approach. Opting for your favourite micro shorts or donning logo-laden garments and flamboyant designs may not be suitable for a job interview outfit. Such choices could potentially overshadow your skills and the value you bring to the prospective role. It's a delicate balance of expressing your personality in a sophisticated and refined manner. 

What to Wear to A Job Interview: 6 Standout Wardrobe Items

Before engaging in a job interview peruse the following suggestions for six standout wardrobe items to consider the next time you're pondering what to wear to an interview. 

The Blouse

Meet the unsung hero of your job interview wardrobe: the blouse.

A well-chosen blouse strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and personality. It's like the Swiss Army knife of outfits, versatile enough to adapt to any job role while letting your unique style shine through. Whether it's a classic button-down or a trendy silk number, a blouse has that magical ability to say, "I mean business, but I'm also fab."

Good, Solid Shoes

Great shoes are the cornerstone of a great outfit. Why? Because they ground your entire look, quite literally. 

A classic pair of pumps or stylish flats can effortlessly bridge the gap between professionalism and personality. 

Comfort is key, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Opt for a pair that not only complements your outfit but also showcases your uniqueness. Remember, a sleek pair of shoes can leave a lasting impression. 

White Shirt + Tailored Jacket

Now, let's break down the dynamic duo that never goes out of style – the classic white shirt paired with a tailored jacket.

It's the epitome of sophistication, effortlessly balancing professionalism with a touch of contemporary flair. The crispness of the white shirt exudes cleanliness and attention to detail, while the tailored jacket adds structure and a refined edge to your overall look.

A Polished Carryall

A sleek, well-structured bag isn't just a practical necessity; it's a style statement that communicates professionalism. It says, "I'm organised, I mean business, and I have an eye for the finer things."

The Little Black Dress — Again

The little black dress: a sartorial masterpiece that never fails to make a statement, especially when prepping for your interview. Flo and Frankie understand the enduring magic of this wardrobe classic, and we are here to reaffirm its status as the ultimate power play.

Its simplicity is its strength, providing a canvas for you to infuse your personality. Pair it with ablazer for an extra dose of professionalism or let it shine solo for a touch of understated elegance.


From chic earrings to a statement necklace, these subtle details convey a language of confidence and creativity. 

What To Wear To A Casual Job Interview

Casual doesn't mean sacrificing style; it's an opportunity to showcase your fashion finesse in a more relaxed setting. Here's the lowdown on crafting a winning ensemble for your laid-back interview:

Elevated Basics: Opt for high-quality basics that exude a polished vibe. A well-fitted blouse or a crisp button-down paired with tailored denim can strike the right chord between comfort and professionalism.

Smart Footwear: Choose stylish slidesboots, or clean, well-maintained sneakers to complement your ensemble.

Effortless Layers:  A casual interview allows for some layering finesse. Consider a well-cut blazer or a stylish cardigan to add a touch of sophistication to your look. It's all about finding that sweet spot between relaxed and refined.

Personal Touch: Infuse a bit of your personality into the outfit. Whether it's a pop of colour, a unique accessory, or a playful pattern, let your individuality shine through in a way that aligns with the casual vibe.

What To Wear To A Formal Professional Job Interview

Stepping into the realm of a formal professional job interview demands a wardrobe that exudes confidence, competence, and an impeccable sense of style. Drawing inspiration from our Flo & Frankie head-office girlies, we unravel the key elements for crafting a winning ensemble that leaves a lasting impression.

Power Suit:  Elevate your look with a well-tailored power suit. Opt for a classic colour like navy, charcoal, or black to convey professionalism. Ensure a perfect fit, as a well-fitted suit speaks volumes about your attention to detail.

Crisp Button-Down Shirt or Blouse: Underneath the suit, choose a crisp button-down shirt or a sophisticated blouse. Stick to neutral tones or subtle patterns to maintain a polished appearance.

Classic Heels:  Your choice of footwear is crucial. Opt for classic heels that add sophistication without being overly flashy. Ensure they are clean and well-maintained, as they complete the professional look.

Minimalist Accessories:  Keep accessories minimal yet impactful. Simple earrings and a structured handbag can subtly enhance your overall appearance without being distracting.

Grooming Matters:  Pay attention to grooming details. Ensure a well-groomed hairstyle, subtle makeup, and trimmed nails. A polished appearance extends beyond clothing and encompasses your overall presentation.

Confidence is Key:  No outfit is complete without confidence. Stand tall, maintain eye contact, and exude self-assuredness. A confident demeanour complements your attire and leaves a lasting impression on interviewers.

What is A Smart Casual Dress Code?

Smart casual dress code generally means presentable pieces that strike a balance between formal and informal attire. It involves incorporating elements of professionalism while maintaining a relaxed and approachable look. 

This dress code typically includes tailored pieces such as blazerstrousers, or skirts paired with more casual items like a button-up blouse, or knit sweater.

Accessories can add a touch of sophistication without being too formal!

What is the Formal Dress Code for a Job Interview?

Formal dress code signifies attire that exudes sophistication, professionalism, and a heightened level of refinement. It typically includes tailored suits for men and elegant dresses or pantsuits for women.

 Formal attire often features structured silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and minimalistic accessories to create a polished and authoritative look.

Consider the seniority of the position you're applying for, the company's culture, and the industry norms when choosing an outfit. x

How to Determine What to Wear to a Job Interview?

Navigating the dress code for a job interview can be a daunting task, especially when the guidelines are not explicitly stated. At Flo and Frankie, we understand the importance of making the right impression, which is why we've made this blog to guide you through the decision-making process.

Final Quick Tips:

Firstly, assess the company's culture and industry norms. Are they known for their traditional values and formal attire, or do they embrace a more relaxed and casual atmosphere? Researching the company's website, social media presence, or even reaching out to current employees can provide valuable insights.

Next, consider the seniority of the position you're applying for. Management roles or positions in conservative industries often require formal attire, while creative or tech-focused companies may lean towards a smart casual approach.

If you're still unsure, it's always better to err on the side of caution and opt for a more formal ensemble. A well-tailored suit or a polished dress with subtle accessories is a safe bet for any interview setting. Remember, it's not just about dressing the part; it's about feeling confident and comfortable in what you wear.

Ultimately, trust your instincts and choose an outfit that reflects your personality and aligns with the company's culture. With these tips in mind, you'll be well-equipped to make a stellar impression!

Now go out there and kill it! 

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