Welcome to Book Club, we're stoked to have you here. 

Books and reading seem to have made a come back, and luckily here at Flo we have an extensive collection of recipe books, coffee table books, home decor books and so many more. Whether you are an avid reader or someone who enjoys having books in their space, we will take a deep dive into our top picks and help you find the perfect fit. 


Food is culture, wherever you are in the world.  It brings everyone together, and we can bet some of your absolute favourite memories were centred around food and cooking. We've noticed the popularity of cookbooks has only increased, which means we have a wonderful selection for every taste!

See more recipe books here.


Coffee table books are absolutely wonderful for so many things. We've always felt like they are a fun and perfect way to add personality and inspiration to your space. It can become something you collect on your travels and adventures, a way to collect memories or ideas. 

See more coffee table books here.


Drink recipe books are just as vital as food recipe books, in our humble opinion. There are so many wonderful cocktails and concoctions yet to be explored and shared with your friend group. 

See more drink recipe books here.


It's safe to say we all adore travelling, right? Whether you have travelled plenty yourself or you aspire to do so, why not treat yourself on a travel themed book for some light nighttime reading?

See more travel books here.

Enjoy our loves, get your reading on!

With love,

Flo's Family xx

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