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From podcasts and books to Sunday rituals, at home wellness brings you our favourite ways to relax, unwind, check in on ourselves and work through everyday anxieties. This week we are talking all about tea! And some of our favourite mindfulness tips for the change of season

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Here at Flo & Frankie, we love tea...

There is something special about the ritual of pausing life and taking a moment to brew the perfect cuppa - whether it's a classic English Breakfast or a herbal blend the calm of making yourself a tea is unparalleled.  

According to Thrive Global, a regular tea can help improve sleep, enhance your mood, and lowers stress, fatigue, anxiety and more.

So without further adieu below are a selection of our favourite teas (and tea accessories) no matter the occasion:

Below our Thrive Global's top tips for staying mindful during the change of season...

1. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping is such an important part of your mindset. Many attribute their sleep quality to the calibre of their day. 

2. Boost Your Serotonin Levels

A common treatment for SAD is to boost your serotonin levels. Avoid serotonin being removed from the brain through an increase in sunlight intake. Take advantage of the nice weather by going for a walk or jog on sunny days. 

If you’re less inclined to head out, you could even take a seat on your front porch with a hot cup of tea or cocoa.

3. Do Something Special Once a Month

Planning something special once a month gives you something to look forward to while still sticking to simple living. 

4. Exercise

While it’s definitely more difficult to get moving in colder weather, your body will thank you. Endorphins are an important and relatively easy way to maintain positivity and happiness in everyday life. 

5. Take Up a New Hobby

Learning something new can be the perfect way to keep your mind stimulated during downtime. The hobby can be as intricate as learning to play a new instrument or as simple as perfecting a meal. No matter your preference, expanding your knowledge base is sure to keep you on your toes all season long!

6. Journal Your Gratitude

Living a grateful life is an effective and painless way to have a more positive lifestyle. By keeping a gratitude journal, you are able to make a note of all of the amazing things happening each day. 

To read the full breakdown of each tip, follow this link: Stay Mindful with Thrive Global

With love,

Flo Family

p.s. let us know how your tea drinking goes this Autumn!

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