Let us formally introduce you to a lovely new brand here at Flo & Frankie, and let us tell you, we're excited!

The perfect place to start is the main inspiration behind the gorgeous boho brand. With the 70's being at the forefront of The Commonfolk Collective, they are all about summer days at the beach, palm trees and all things incense. The founder has always been heavily into setting up rituals that benefit and calm your soul, and having beautiful candles as their pillar product. We've been incredibly lucky to now offer a range of their products, such as body lotions and artisanal soap bars. Keep reading, we'll break down our top picks below!

Based out of warm and tropical Australia, The Commonfolk Collective have worked tirelessly to create a truly sustainable and eco-conscious work environment and process.  Their warehouse and design studio are 100% solar powered, which we think is rather impressive! They also use 100% renewable coconut/soy wax for their candle range, alongside 100% cotton wicks. Let's move onto their body product range being completely cruelty free, palm oil free and vegan. We love that we can incorporate their products into our lives knowing they really are doing things to better Mother Earth.

See and shop the full range here. 

And to learn more about The Commonfolk Collective, their founder and wonderful product range, boil the kettle and settle in...


Let us introduce Fibi, the wonderful women behind the brand! Shown alongside her gorgeous kids and husband, a big inspiration behind creating The Commonfolk Collective. 

They set out to create products that will work to calm your space and soothe your soul. We live in a fast paced world and it can be too easy to move at a fast pace, their products encourage use to slow down and create calming rituals. And simply to stay present. 

You'll notice a main theme across their products being bohemian palm trees, warm tones and all things 70's. Fibi grew up in an Australian beach town which heavily inspired her when creating this lovely brand. 

Now being stocked in retail spaces all over the globe, we are crazily excited to have their products here at Flo. We feel that you'll all love what we have to offer, let's break down our favourites. 


It's safe to say their range of candles are not only delicious in scent, but stunning in design! With a handful of different designs, there is a candle for any type! The below are our four favourites, but we're sure you'll quickly find your fav. 


How cute are these! It's not everyday we see beautiful art on the packaging of body washes and lotions, right? The Commonfolk Collective have worked hard to make their range vegan, cruelty free as well as top quality, and it's safe to say they have succeeded. 


Traditionally soap could be viewed as mundane, but The Commonfolk Collective have turned that on its head! Mixing beautiful scents with even more beautiful designs, these soap bars are little pieces of art. We see these as the perfect add on to an existing gift, a small present to yourself or to get stocks up before they sell out. 

So there you have it, did we convince you that you need to get stocked up with The Commonfolk Collectives stunning range? We have stock in each of our boutiques and online so make sure to pop in and see them for yourselves!

With Love,

Flo's Family xx

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