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Introducing Lyttelton Lights... founded in 2015 by Laura Frankenschmidt, whose passion for home fragrance and design ignited the creation of Lyttelton Lights. First sold at the Lyttelton Market Laura worked hard to develop a range that we and many others couldn't resist! 

In 2016, Flo & Frankie welcomed Lyttelton Lights to the fold just in time for Christmas... discover more about Lyttelton Lights below.

Candles Being Filled

From small candles for gifting to scrumptious room fragrances, Lyttelton Lights brings the best of function and scent in all-encompassing products.

Lyttelton Lights whole operation is powered by carboNZero certified 100% renewable energy. They are partners with Ecotricity to source New Zealand's cleanest and greenest electricity possible; wind, hydro and solar, nothing else. Having Ecotricity as their supplier also means they have zero electricity emissions, as they are all being offset through accreditation. Discover more about their sustainability practices here.

Lyttelton Lights have a range of candle sizes to fit your needs...

Handwash and room scents to nourish your hands and your nose!

With love,

Flo Family xx

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