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Introducing George & Edi... founded in 2011 by Wanaka-based sisters, Sarah and Rose Agnew. Their passion for artisanal home fragrance and the want to work for themselves upon their return to New Zealand inspired the creation of George & Edi. Crafted in their studio in Wanaka, these high-quality, consciously made products have been an offering we've been proud to have here at Flo & Frankie over the past year!

Discover more about George & Edi below:

George& Edi No.14 Candle Lit

As artisanal, small-batch producers, George & Edi honour the age-old craft of candle making and conscious manufacturing. They reduce waste where they can and ensure all their products are fresh and of the highest quality.

Candle care by George & Edi:

A candles lifetime:

While a candle has a long shelf life, to enjoy the fragrance blend best, using your candle within 12-months will ensure you get the most from them.

First burn:

Setting up your candle correctly is super important to ensure you are getting its full lifespan. When burning a candle for the first time ensure the candle melts to the very edge of the wax - this will make sure tunnelling is prevented.

George & Edi have a range of candle sizes to fit your needs...

Soap, hand cream and room scents to nourish your hands and your nose!

With love,

Flo Family xx

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