Here at Flo & Frankie, when we think of the warm summer months spent with friends and family, picnics seem to alway's be apart of the equation. Whether you are going on a saucy date with your beau, family day out at the beach or a solo date - we will have you being the envy of all summer picnic spreads. 

Our best memories of summer are kicking off your sandals, putting on your favourite summer fit, spreading out a blankets and enjoying the beautiful New Zealand summer – with my top sweets and snacks. 

Sorting out the perfect lay can be tricky. a good place to start is scouting your location and what type of items you'll need, the people you are hosting and most importantly, the sweet's you'll be serving at the end.

a picnic spread

firstly, let's get you sorted with a base

All good picnics start with a solid base, right? It's so important to have a comfortable and versatile blanket/towel to then set up on. We think it's safe to say that 90% of New Zealand picnics take place on the beach, so we always recommend using a towel as your spread. 

And once you are all set with that, a nice idea is to add a lovely and soft throw blanket. Perfect to throw around your shoulders for some warmth or snuggle up in for a post lunch nap. 

Below are some of our recommendations. Or alternatively, see more here


I think we can all agree how vital it is to have the perfect serving platter to lay your ever so stunning charcuterie boards on. And with that, comes the need for the perfect cheese knife sets. Next, you'll see our top recommendation for salt & pepper grinders and the perfect glass for all your summer drinks!

For some more ideas on basics, see them here.


We think it's safe to say we all enjoy a cheeky sweet treat after a delicious picnic. Here at Flo we take chocolate and sweets incredibly seriously. We've spent considerable time curating a wonderful selection of New Zealand brands who specialise in all things gummies, chocolate and cakes!

If nothing here sparks your sweet tooth, see some more options here.

book time!

After lunch and a sweet treat, some might turn to a nap while the others flick through a lovely book. We have a wonderful selection of coffee table books, recipe books and so much more. Whether you are looking for dinner inspiration or home decor ideas, here are our top picks...

And like we said, we've got a lovely big selection of books for every interest, see those here.

You now have all of the inspiration and ideas to go forth and create your best summer picnic yet! 

We would absolutely love to see the summer spreads you all com up with! Tag us in your summer snaps using the above recommendations at @floandfrankie on Instagram.

With love,

Flo's Family x

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