As we've all experienced, the New Zealand summer has not come through weather wise this year. It has been weeks of rain and cloud, and quite frankly, we're over it!

It's time to mentally transport ourselves to the warm beaches of Positano, sunset picnics by the Eiffel Tower and midday cocktails in the beautiful Nice. So we're here to breakdown what to wear on this trip, must have accessories and some top tips from the team here at Flo & Frankie. 

European beach


Envision yourself strolling the streets of Rome, sipping an iced americano and browsing all of the wonderful things the city has to offer. And when you think about that, what feels like the perfect outfit? To us, a vibrant sundress is the ideal choice. 

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What says Europe more than linen? The chic and effortless way the organic fabric falls gives us casual but put together vibes, which fit the brief perfectly! We've lined up our four top picks, with a dash of green and navy, alongside classic neutrals. 

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Something we can al agree on is the amount of walking and strolling about a European summer entails, it's the best way to explore a new city, on foot. when means it's vital to get yourself sorted with sandals that are both comfortable and stylish, see our three picks below. 

See more lovely linen here.


And to top it off, it's accessory time! 

As we all know by now, an accessory can transform any outfit, meaning there are so many categories. So, below are eight of our picks for you to explore. 

There you have it, it's now time for you to go and book your flights to Europe! 

Don't forget to tag us in your travel pictures along the way.

With love,

Flo's Family xx

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