Meet Pink Orchid, the newest collection brought to you by us, Flo & Frankie. With so much love poured into this collection, you'll be just as obsessed as we are, we promise! With New Zealand owned brands Ivy + Jack and Among the Brave leading the way with stunning international features from Charlie Holiday, Mink Pink and Brie Leon. There's so many stunning pieces for you to love! From pastel pinks to soft lilacs with a burst of bright white here and there, this collection is an absolute dream and there's a piece, or three, waiting for you!

The Pink Orchid Collection

This collection has the perfect piece for every occasion. With the beautiful warm weather, social gatherings are tending to be more outdoors, in the sun and amongst nature. The Pink Orchid Collection has the perfect ensemble for your Picnic gatherings. Think light and airy mini dress, a gorgeous wide brim hat (have to stay sun safe!) and easy to wear slides. Such an easy, effortless yet super cute outfit! Plus, you can make a statement and add a bold pop of colour, it will truly be the best time.

Picnic setting

It is wedding season which means it's the season of struggling to find the perfect dress. Something that looks elegant and stunning but doesn't take ALL the attention away from the bride. Key word 'all', you want to take a little of the attention for yourself! This collection is packed full of dresses for any Wedding style! Our favourite look to witness love in, is a flowy maxi dress in pastel colours, with small nude heels and dainty jewellery. It's such an easy equation and you will look simply stunning!

Wedding setting

As the year approaches its end, everyone is rushing to get their Christmas celebrations in. With so many events, it's hard to not get lost in the swing of all of it. So, choose an outfit or all of them from the Pink Orchid collection to help you stand out from the crowd. Maxis or minis, bright colours or neutral and so many different shapes and styles. This collection has the dress and accessories for every event.


We know how busy this time of year gets and it truly does get to the point where you have no time to do your favourite things, like shopping for the perfect outfit for all of your dreamy events. The Pink Orchid collection is honestly going to make your life so simple this busy season. With complete ensembles ready to wear, you'll be the bell of the ball, and there'll have been no hassle to get there. Stay safe and have so much fun!

With Love,

Flo Family xxx

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