From Minimalist to Maximalist, here's your Event Wear style guide

As we find the year shifting towards winter we are reminded event season is fast approaching! Event season is our favourite time of year, from school balls and awards nights to finally celebrating those special milestones from the past couple of years. 

You would assume correctly, that here at Flo & Frankie we love any reason to get dressed up, put on our best dress, layer up our accessories and slip into a new pair of heels. 

We know that sometimes attending an event can be stressful, what do you wear? How many accessories? A low heel or a thin stiletto? Will you be overdressed or not dressed up enough? We are here to help, discover below our favourite looks for different events AND the best way to style them! 

Now before you read below and see our favourite combinations of outfits and accessories, we want to remind you there is no one way to style an outfit. You will always look your best when you feel like yourself and are comfortable in the clothes you are in!

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For the maximalist who loves sparkle, try the Galaxy Dress and layer up the jewellery to match. Add some strappy heels, a chic black bag, and throw on a blazer for warmth!

Event: School Ball, Birthday Celebrations & Awards Night

For the minimalist who likes to keep it simple, the Madeline Dress is perfect. Pair with gold jewellery and nude accessories to elevate this effortless look!

Event: Awards Night, School Ball & Anniversary Dinner

For the suited and booted. An effortless way to look chic and bold when dressing for an event to to don on your best suit. To top off this look, we've paired the Favourite Pants with black accessories and gold jewellery!

Event: Awards Night, Birthday Celebration & Anniversary Dinner

Regardless of if you are a minimalist or maximalist, there's an outfit for everyone and every event!

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