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The author of 'In The Company Of Woman' brings you 'Collective Wisdom'. In this book, Grace Bonney connects the dots between women of all generations. From the age of 18 through to 100, we are offered a brand-new perspective on both empowering and empowered women. 


Collective Wisdom includes a multilayered tapestry of interviews, conversations, intimate photos, wish lists, artwork, images of handwritten letters, and more, designed so it's both a keepsake and a treasury of wisdom that readers will turn to often and gift to others.



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Discover stories told from all walks of life. Learn from those who have been there and know the road—from an Olympic athlete and a NASA team member to award-winning artists, activists, writers, and filmmakers, from women in their fifties to centenarians.

We absolutely adore this book, but don't just take our word for it! Have a read below of 'Collective Wisdom's' top reviews online:

Kaye | 5 Stars:

Collective Wisdom is a fantastic photo/coffee table book. The focus is on interviews with over 100 women who are all outstanding in their fields. Each woman is beautifully photographed with blurbs explaining why they are known. There are interview questions, quotes, life lessons and words of wisdom to be passed along to the reader. All of the women are known or recognized in their specialties or communities although I was only aware of three of them. They represent women who are activists, artists, educators, writers, chefs etc. One of my favorites is the oldest National Park Ranger at the age of 100.

In several cases the book highlights two women who share a common interest and friendship although there maybe be decades of differences in their ages. I was especially happy the book is inclusive and diverse with many minorities and ethnicities represented. The words of wisdom and life lessons are worth reading as is viewing the lovely photographs. I like that this didn't focus on celebrities although many are award winners in their fields. This is great book for women of any age. It especially celebrates aging and the wisdom that comes with it. Thank you NetGalley and Artisan Books for a temporary ARC ebook in exchange for an honest review.

Stacy | 5 Stars:

Definitely one to come back to for inspiration. As someone on the edge of 50 it  [Collective Wisdom] gives me a feeling that there is space for doing amazing things in life. A good balm for seeing lists like the 30 under 30 and such.

Nadia | 5 Stars:

An excellent compilation of advice, inspiration, and words of wisdom from women from all walks of life! Something for everyone can be found in the pages of this book [Collective Wisdom].

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A  little bit about the author:


Grace Bonney is the author of the bestselling books In the Company of Women and Design*Sponge at Home. Grace is passionate about equity, inclusivity, and supporting all members of the creative community: Grace founded Design*Sponge, a daily website dedicated to the creative community, which reached nearly 2 million readers per day for 15 years (and is now officially archived in the Library of Congress); Good Company, a print magazine and podcast about creative entrepreneurs; and After the Jump, a podcast about creatives that has reached over 500,000 listeners per episode. 

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