Flo & Frankie Goes to Hamilton!

We've arrived!

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest boutique in Centre Place HAMILTON! We can't wait to meet all of you, we know it's been a long time coming, thank you to those who have stuck by us and supported us whenever you were near another one of our boutiques!

Being in Hamilton provides us with an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the local community, contribute positively and offer residents a shopping experience like no other. We couldn't be more excited.

visit us today!

When does it open? Wednesday 1st of November

Where can I find it? Centre Place - 501 Victoria Street (near Glassons, opposite Chemist Warehouse)

Where do I park? Centre Place Parking is free for the first two hours of shopping on weekdays. Weekends and public holidays are free!

What else can I do in Hamilton?

Hamilton's café culture is constantly on the rise, boasting an array of top-notch brews, fresh local offerings, and unique hangouts. If you're vacationing, just passing by, or a local scouting for new go-to spots, dive into our guide. We've made your brunch and coffee hunt delightfully simple!

Okay I’m listening… so where do I go then?

  • Rüdi's Bakehouse: If you've not yet had the pleasure of sampling Rüdi's artisan bakes, you're in for an absolute treat.
  • Cream Eatery: You’re in expert hands as you indulge in the cafe’s delectable dishes, sweet treats, and exceptionally poured coffee.
  • Cafe Kopi: At the helm is Dave Tourelle, an ex-carpenter with an impressive beard, great chat, and a passion for brewing Hamilton’s best coffee.
  • Hayes Common: Nestled in the historic Hayes Paddock area of Hamilton, Hayes Common welcomes you as your local dining spot.

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