Fabric Care


Cotton is your BFF, so treat it with some TLC! Machine wash with like-minded colours in cool water. Give it a gentle spin on a low setting and keep it away from harsh bleach. Dry it with a gentle touch, whether you hang it out to bask in the sun or lay it flat. Remember, a little care goes a long way for your cotton companion! 



Linen requires a laid-back approach to care. Machine wash in cool water, but avoid any rough playmates like bleach or harsh detergents. Hang it out to dry and let the gentle breeze work its magic. Embrace those delightful wrinkles, they add character to your linen love affair. Relax and enjoy the effortless beauty of linen!

Natural-synthetic blends bring together the best of both fabric worlds—natural breathability meets synthetic durability. Most blends can take a spin in the washing machine. Keep the cycle gentle and the water cool, to avoid any awkward shrinkage or colour bleeding moments. Let your blend bask in the air-drying ambiance and if your piece is a real showstopper (like a dress or suit), don't be shy about seeking professional cleaning assistance. 



Denim, the iconic symbol of effortless style. Machine wash in cool water. Embrace the natural fading and distressing, they're the hallmarks of your denim's life journey.  



Check Your Labels: As with any couture item, the first step to a long and happy life together is to check the care label on your garment. This tiny tag is your map to the treasure of prolonged garment life, so heed its wisdom! 

Handwashing Hype: While it might seem a bit old-school, your Viscose items prefer a good old hand-washing session. Fill your sink or a basin with cold water and add a small amount of gentle detergent. Agitate gently, don't twist or wring the fabric, and make sure you rinse thoroughly! 

Machine Wash on the Down-Low: If the care label gives you the green light for machine wash, keep it cool, gentle, and inside out. And to protect your Viscose superstar from potential roughhousing, pop it in a mesh laundry bag for an extra layer of security. 

Say No to Tumble Drying: The heat from a tumble dryer can leave Viscose feeling crinkled and crushed. So, what to do? Just let it air dry. Lay it flat or hang it up, but avoid direct sunlight and hot radiators, unless you fancy your garment turning a funky, unintended shade. 

Cool It on the Ironing: Viscose isn't a fan of high heat (who is, right?), so if your iron doesn't have a specific 'Viscose' setting, select a low heat setting. Always press on the reverse side of the garment and consider using a press cloth between the garment and the iron to prevent shiny marks. 

Store with Care: Keep your Viscose items folded in a drawer or on a shelf, rather than hanging them in your wardrobe, which can lead to stretching. And please, darling, no damp places – Viscose doesn't like to feel clammy! 

Professional Love: For items that are dear to your heart or particularly delicate, it might be worth considering a professional cleaning service. They've got the tools, the know-how, and the white gloves to keep your Viscose looking vogue. 


Re-generated materials  such as Cupro, Rayon & Viscose are the champs of reinvention! So opt for a gentle cycle and cool wash to treat them with care. When it's time to dry, tumble on low or line dry under the sun's watchful eye. 


The best thing about synthetic fabrics (such as Nylon, Acrylic and Polyester)? They're typically machine wash friendly! Hooray for convenience! But let's not get too wild—make sure you keep the cycle gentle and the water temperature cool. Synthetic fabrics can usually handle a tumble dry on low heat, but remember: hot temperatures are synthetic's kryptonite. Want to play it safe? Opt for air drying whenever possible. When it's time to put your synthetics away, folding is typically your best bet. Hanging can sometimes cause the fabric to stretch and distort. No one likes a saggy sweater, righ


   Polyester & Recycled Polyester

Polyester and recycled polyester, our low-maintenance loves! Machine wash in cool water on a gentle cycle. Skip the bleach, they're already shining bright. Tumble dry on low and avoid the scorching heat. Remember, polyester loves a cool dance, so keep it chill. 

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