Celebrating a Decade of Flo & Frankie

Celebrating our 10th birthday

Ten years, can you believe it? Time flies when you’re having fun and looking fab!


Back in 2013, our founder Chrissy teamed up with her three daughters. They were inspired by a recent trip to the Amalfi Coast and dreamt of curating a space that was chic, fun and affordable for fashion and homeware lovers in NZ.


Next thing you know, Flo & Frankie was born! And that was just the beginning…

Chrissy & Jono

Flo & Frankie wasn’t built alone; it was lovingly crafted by a small village of friends and family. 


Our journey, which began with repurposing furniture to create cozy and welcoming store atmospheres, remains deeply rooted in collaboration. Each new store opening stands as proof of the countless hands and hearts involved in shaping this brand.


It’s this collective spirit, this melding of minds and hearts, that makes Flo & Frankie special. We’ve grown a lot in the last 10 years, but some things will never change, like our playful spirit, creativity and above all, family and community focus.


We’re incredibly proud of our commitment to local and international communities. We’ve always prioritised supporting local artisans and entrepreneurs in our boutiques rather than looking further afield, and our shelves proudly showcase the genius and creativity of Kiwis all over NZ.

Cute candid birthday photo of the girls

At the core of our brand is our extended Flo Family - the brilliant team that brings our vision to life every single day. Their energy, style, and passion light up our stores. Just step into one of our boutiques and feel their hard work shine! None of this would've been possible without them.


We can’t forget our beautiful customers too. It’s you who have enabled us to continue doing what we love, helping others, bringing the best of the best in fashion, homeware and gifs to New Zealanders looking to purchase with a purpose. Thank you for being by our side, seeing and helping us grow, offering advice when we needed it, support when we were learning and continuing to purchase for yourself and loved ones from us.


Ten years have passed, but our journey feels as fresh and exhilarating as day one. From a dream shared by a family to a brand loved by many, Flo & Frankie’s story is a testament to what love, vision, and a lot of hard work can achieve. Here's to the memories we've made, the styles we've rocked, and the adventures yet to come.


And yes, we did party with a few drinks and a DJ!

Happy 10th Birthday to us!

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