Here at Flo & Frankie, we’re incredibly passionate about championing women who are leading the way in their respective fields! We work with Tearfund New Zealand who are partnered with Share and Care Nepal  to donate 15% of every Flo Gives Back purchase to Nepalese women in need of help.

Through Share and Care Nepal, Tearfund work on educating and training women to help them start their own sustainable businesses and empower them to build a brighter future for both them and their family. They work on raising awareness about trafficking and exploitation to protect women and helping victims of trafficking, gain the skills and support to re-unite with their families and create a living for themselves. They also support families financially so they can enjoy socio-economic resilience to reduce the risk of children being trafficked.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it felt like the perfect time to shine a light on some of the Nepalese women who benefit and thrive from this initiative.


“My name is Sarala and I live by myself in Nuwakot, Nepal. Over the years, I experienced some hardship in my family, leaving me in a vulnerable situation both emotionally and financially. 

When I joined the Share and Care programme, I was educated about how to start my own business. I also learnt about the terrible trafficking that happens in my community, and ways to prevent it from potentially happening to me. I was then provided with the skills and resources to start my own poultry farming business. I was initially given chicks, utensils for watering and feeding, and grain packs. Now, I continue my poultry rearing business and have over 20 different breeds of chickens on my farm, which are growing day by day. 

I cannot describe the level of happiness and hope I now feel. Having my own successful business in an area of interest feels very empowering. Because of Share and Care, I no longer feel alone or scared.”


“My name is Dhanmaya, I am 17-years-old and I live with my amazing parents, three sisters, and two brothers. I’m currently in grade 9, and with the school fees quickly becoming too expensive for my hard-working parents to pay, it was sadly suggested that I was to leave school and look into marriage to help financially.

Share and Care took it upon themselves to intervene and coordinate with my school to provide me with a scholarship so I could continue to my studies. Alongside the scholarship, I was lucky enough to also receive funding for things like stationary, uniforms and school fees.

I’m now in grade 10 after finishing grade 9 with top marks, thanks to my scholarship through Share and Care. I feel passionately committed to improving my academic performance, and very grateful to be in the position to do so. Now, my dream is to become a teacher myself!

It would not be possible to continue my education without the encouragement and support of Share and Care. So, thank you so much.”


“My name is Shanta and I am 30 years old, living with my husband and two lovely daughters in central Nepal.

I initially joined Share and Care’s self-help group last year and actively participated in groups meetings with likeminded women in similar situations. We focused on capacity-strengthening training, career workshops and events. I was also trained in anti-human trafficking, unsafe migration, women’s rights and legal awareness. I was encouraged to start an income generation scheme so I could provide my family with a better livelihood.

As a vulnerable woman, I received funding from Share and Care to start my farming business. After a year I had enough revenue to re-invest in my business and was able to enlarge and commercialise my business. None of this would have been possible without the funding and help from Share and Care, I am incredibly grateful.”


“My name is Anita and I am 14 years old, based in a small rural Nepalese town. I have completed my school study up to grade 7, however I was unfortunately forced to halt all school as my struggling parents could no longer afford it.

I was then selected by Share and Care to receive a scholarship, which included my uniform, school fees and stationary. On top of my scholarship, I am also a part of Share and Care’s Adolescent Girls Group and have been actively participating in group meetings, interactions, campaigns, training and event programs organised by the group.

Thanks Share and Care for the education and support given to me, I feel incredibly grateful.”


“My name is Bimala and I am 24 years old. With poverty unfortunately taking a big toll on me from a young age I was deprived of a formal education. At the age of 20 years old I married a man who was also exposed to poverty, leaving us incredibly vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Because of Share and Care, I was introduced to the women’s group and got to participate in various meetings, workshops and trainings. This helped hugely to strengthen my understanding of business. I also received a funding basket from Share and Care to start a poultry farming business with the goal of eventually moving to a commercial basis. 

With the help I’ve received, I am now able to read and write which helps me massively in day to day life and running a business. I also have two sons who I can now provide for, including their education and general life.”

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We feel incredibly grateful and lucky to be a part of such a thoughtful and empowering initiative with Tearfund NZ for a few years now. To have the privilege of contributing to the education, welfare and support of these talented Nepalese women is something we’re truly passionate about.

We’d like to pass on a thank you to the incredible team at Tearfund NZ for supplying us with the stories of the women mentioned in this blog.

To follow Tearfund’s partnership with Share and Care and all the other initiatives they take part in, see their website here.

Or follow their social journey here. 

Our founder, Chrissy also sat down with the tea to share her story here.

With love,

The Flo Family xx

*names have been changed for protection

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