Brand Spotlight with Love Lulu

Our collections are designed to celebrate life, colour, and the joy of dressing up - Love Lulu

Oh, Hi Love Lulu!

If you have been inside a Flo & Frankie boutique then you may have seen some Love Lulu pieces floating around. So, we thought it was about time we did a little brand spotlight.

Love Lulu is for those who consider themselves youthful, carefree, fun-loving and looking for something that will seamlessly fit into their wardrobe.

Our brand is a celebration of those who embrace vibrancy and love to have fun - Welcome to LOVE LULU.

Love Lulu create simple but fun pieces - baby tees, singlets, form fitting dresses, feminine maxi and mini skirts - out of carefully selected fabrics. Their collections feature an array of cotton blends, linen, lightweight knits and essential denim.

If you’re in Flo & Frankie or having a little shop online, look out for our Love Lulu pieces. Please feel free to talk to our lovely team members in store if you have any questions about Love Lulu.

Designed with care in New Zealand

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