The new year is has officially landed, and if you're looking for a stunning new bag for yourself, any one of the below handbag and purses will be just what you need to convince yourself. 

With the new year comes new trends, new colours and so many gorgeous new styles! We completely understand that investing in a a top quality bag can be daunting, so we want to take the time to show you through the many different kinds we have available here at Flo & Frankie. 

As we said above, with the new year comes new styles. This season, we've been seeing a perfect nice mix of classic, everyday handbags, some more subtle party pieces, not to mention a dash of vibrant colour! 

Make yourself a cup of tea, take a break and come along with us as we show you our picks of the season!

A black leather purse held by a women in a blouse and trousers


Having a classic handbag in your wardrobe is imperative, absolutely necessary.

If you are heading to work or just out for the day, having your favourite handbag to reach for can feel like a lifesaver. Having your go-to bag match perfectly with any outfit or colour is also important, hence us covering the below four styles. 


Colour has ARRIVED and we are absolutely head over heels. 

From stunning citrines, sumptuous blues, bright red and sweet lavender Flo & Frankie has you sorted for your next statement. Speaking of statements, a look we are currently loving is as classic neutral outfit paired with a stunningly sophisticated and vibrant handbag. 

Whether purple or yellow is your shade, we have a handbag for you...


We all know how vital it is to have a cute mini purse for the events, music festivals and outings that are a little more full on, right? Somewhere to pop your cell phone, wallet and lip stick. It can be so so easy to over fill a bigger purse with plenty of unnecessary  things, so these bags are designed to perfectly fit your vital items, and no more!

These four small but mighty bags are our top picks for just that...

carry all

 A classic carry-all bag! 

For the days that we need an extra arm, when we are juggling many things at once - these are the bags to turn to. 

And. in terms of this trend we love, size does in fact matter. The bigger the better when it comes to these roomy totes, in our humble opinion. Something else worth mentioning is the super useful compartments within these bags. From streamlined pouches on the outer of the bags to secret slots within the bags.

Take a look, we are sure there's one for you...

So happy new year to you all! 2023 could be the year you spice up your handbag rotation with our stunningly curated selection of bags. 

With love,

Flo's Family xx

A flatlay of homeware from Flo and Frankie

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