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Alexandra Elle, author, wellness educator and breathwork coach brings you 'After The Rain - Gentle Reminders For Healing, Courage and Self Love'. In this book, Alexandra delivers 15 lessons on navigating life's twists and turns with a clear mind, courageous spirit and, open heart. Elle shares stories from her own remarkable journey from self-doubt to self-love in this part memoir part guide.

After the rain includes illuminating reflections on loss, healing love, acceptance, family and more - plus affirmations and meditations for practising these empowering lessons in your own life. Described as a poignant road map to cultivating self-confidence, this book can only bring goodness and enlightenment into your life. 

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This book is a must-have, but don't just take our word for it! Have a read below of 'After The Rain's' top reviews online:

Tally | 4 Stars:

This book has offered me immense comfort when I really needed it. I will be re-reading excerpts from this book again and again when I’m having trouble, especially the chapter on forgiveness. If you feel angry at yourself, feel lost or stuck, or find yourself in a cycle of self-sabotaging, I’d suggest this picking up this book.

Abigail | 5 Stars:

A book that touched my heart, and reminded me always that healing is not linear and fun. This book is one to be read slowly to allow yourself time to really pause and reflect and sit with challenging questions to learn who you are and what shaped you. Alex Elle as we all know writes beautifully, but hearing her vulnerability about how self care and love and patience are not second nature to her and how she continues to rewrite her story and grow into the healing woman we all know and love, it’s so beautiful. She lets us in on her journey and her internal struggles and the honesty and “messiness” she opens up about will make you feel so seen.

Becca | 5 Stars:

After finishing this book, I immediately thought: I'm going to need to read this again, and then again after that. Alex Elle is able to capture and name the emotions I didn't even realize I was feeling.

A few of my favorite excerpts:
"My truth was my truth, and sometimes it exposed itself in messy and confusing ways, but that didn't mean I wasn't enough or worthy, she insisted. It meant I was still learning from whatever I thought I had already learned from."

"Time has made it clear that being my own worst enemy was my truest challenge. Holding on to what could've been doesn't change what was, and expecting anything different to manifest from things I cannot change only creates a dent in the power I am attempting to stand in."

"Time has proven that I can be gentle with myself as I mend and become whole. I am being patient and giving myself permission to start over as many times as I need to."

Neda | 5 Stars:

I found this book to be very healing and filled with wisdom. Offers great insights to navigating the journey of life and difficulty. Offers thought-provoking ideas and points to ponder. It's a book I will come back to time and time again.

About The Author: Alexandra Elle.

Alex Elle is an author, certified breathwork coach, and Restorative Writing teacher living in Maryland with her family.

Writing came into her life by way of therapy and the exploration of healing through journaling and mindfulness. The intention behind Alex’s work is to build community & self-care practices through literature & language. 

Alex teaches workshops, courses, and retreats to assist others in finding their voices and create clarity in their lives & relationships. 

Alexandra Elle

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