Ottolenghi Test Kitchen | Flo's Book Club

If you loved Ottolenghi SIMPLE, the brand new Test Kitchen: Shelf Love is bound to be your new favourite cookbook. A collaborative effort from the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen team (lead by Noor Murad), Shelf Love was partly inspired by the restrictions and limitations of 2020. While it is certainly “not a lockdown cookbook”, according to Noor, the lockdown did shape the team’s approach to the recipes and the level of flexibility with which they are presented. 
What we love is the emphasis on getting creative with what you have in the pantry, making the most of your freezer, taking your local veg box to new heights, and adapting recipes to suit your needs and preferences. The book is as approachable and accessible as SIMPLE, and we can see why this book has become so popular in our stores. We’ve put together a list of four dishes from Shelf Love that are guaranteed to get the attention of SIMPLE fans, from the Skillet berries, bread and brown butter to a Middle Eastern twist on mac ‘n’ cheese.
Skillet Berries, Bread, and Browned Butter
Put those frozen berries languishing at the back of your freezer to good use in this cosy dessert recipe, packed with oats, browned butter, and toasted sourdough. Star anise and vanilla make these humble ingredients sing.
M.E. Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Za’atar Pesto
A Middle Eastern twist on a comfort food classic, this indulgent mac ‘n’ cheese is topped with crispy fried onions and aromatic za’atar pesto.
Spicy Pulled Pork Vindaloo
Spicy, melt-in-the-mouth strands of pork served up in soft rolls; a truly crowd-pleasing feast. The OTK team recommend serving this with a zingy lime and poppy seed slaw.
One-pan Crispy Chicken and Spaghetti
In this thoroughly unconventional but totally addictive recipe, chicken thigh pieces and spaghetti are cooked in the same pan. The dish is topped with cheesy breadcrumbs for added crunch.