5 Ways to Style a Linen Shirt | Flo & Frankie

Alright, confession time: We’re head over heels for linen!

Whether it’s the simplicity of a minimalist dress or the airy comfort of breezy trousers, there’s just something irresistible about this warm-weather fave.

At Flo and Frankie we believe no wardrobe is complete without a lightweight linen piece waiting to rescue you from sticky days.

Summer calls for effortless layers and linen shirts have been a go-to choice for chic, elegant looks for ages.

Linen Shirt Outfits for Women

Sure, the linen shirt is a timeless classic, but it’s easy for it to feel a bit predictable.

Fear not! We’ve crafted five easy-to-replicate outfits, infused with Flo and Frankie spirit, to elevate your linen shirt game. Say goodbye to boring pairings and hello to effortless cool. 

1. Style a Linen Shirt with Denim

Pair your linen shirt with denim and you now have the perfect weekend outfit. This combo is chic, comfortable and never fails to make you look like an A-lister off duty.

2. Linen on Linen

Get ready for laid-back luxury with a solid linen-on-linen combo! Explore our Loving Linen Edit for the ultimate linen line-up.

Mix and match your favourite linen shirt with comfy linen pants or a flowy linen skirt for a coordinated, effortlessly chic look, perfect for those sunny days.

Feeling more relaxed? Swap out for linen shorts and soak up the casual vibes!

3. Pair it with Your Favourite Midi Skirt

Level up by teaming your linen shirt with your go-to midi skirt!

Explore our skirt category for endless possibilities - Whether you prefer playful prints or chic solids, there's a midi skirt waiting to complement your style.

This combo effortlessly blends casual comfort with feminine charm, making it a must-have for your wardrobe rotation.

4. Wear it as a Layering Piece

Unleash the versatility of your linen shirt as the ultimate layering piece!

There are endless styling possibilities by using your linen shirt as a base to add dimension and showcase your style.

Whether you're layering over a simple tank top or a flowing maxi dress, the linen shirt adds a good touch of texture to any outfit.

Elevate a casual look effortlessly or mix and match linen with different textures for a creative and balanced look.

5. Linen for Workwear: Style with Wide Leg Trousers

Step up your office style with the classic combination of a linen shirt paired with wide-leg trousers.

Our pants category has got your back. Opt for a pristine white linen shirt to pair with wide leg pants, creating a sophisticated and polished look that's perfect for the workplace.

The breathable nature of linen ensures you stay cool and comfortable all day long, while the wide-leg silhouette adds a contemporary touch.

Shop Linen Shirts at Flo & Frankie

Get your fix of laid-back luxury with Flo & Frankie's selection of linen shirts.

With an array of playful prints and relaxed silhouettes, our linen shirts are the ultimate wardrobe essential for those who appreciate comfort and style.

Linen lovers, dive in xx

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