5 ways to refresh your bedroom this spring

As we find our warmer days speeding past and the end of the year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to give your bedroom a Spring refresh! Read below to discover our top 5 ways to make your room feel brand new and inspired for the warm days ahead.

1. refresh your bedding

Homelab bedding - pinstripe

As the warmer nights become more frequent, now is the perfect time to lighten up and swap out those heavy winter layers. Introduce a summer-weight or lightweight duvet inner and make sure your cover is made from materials designed to keep you cool while you sleep, we recommend investing in a linen set of sheets and duvet cover. Linen is amazing at keeping you cool throughout those warmer nights as linen is an amazing heat conductor - perfect for directing heat away from the body!

We have a great range of linen bedding from New Zealand-owned and designed Homelab. We recommend going for neutrals and lighter colours for your spring bedding, this helps keep your room looking fresh and feeling cooler.

2. Switch Bedroom Fragrance

Circa Home Sea Salt + Vanilla Diffuser

A great way to really immerse yourself into a full refresh is to switch your bedroom fragrance out for a lighter refreshing scent. For Spring we recommend reaching for a diffuser or candle which has subtle floral undertonds and plays on the freshness of nature. 

Lucy King, Ashley & Co, Bondi Scent, and Circa Home are few of our incredible home fragrance brands we have available here at Flo & Frankie and in Flo’s Home.

3. Add life and embrace nature

Ned collection vases

Embrace nature by adding potted plants and fresh flowers. We find when we give life to our bedroom spaces, we feel revived and more optimistic! Pots and vases are also an amazing way to add pops of colour, texture and personality throughout your room.

We are absolutely loving the Femme Body Vases by Beysis and the Alto Ribbed Vase from NED Collections (it’s perfect for fitting a small plant in)!

4. Add Colour

Homelab pillowcase

While we love keeping our colours minimal and our bedding light and neutral, we also love colour. Having colour in the bedroom is a great way to show your personality and have some fun! Our favourite way to add a simple pop of colour or pattern is through throws and accents/feature cushions - we are currently loving Raine & Humble, Mulberi and Homelab’s neutral pinstripe moment!

5. Update your artwork

Papier HQ prints

Refresh your walls by updating your art work and photos. Looking at something new especially art can help keep you inspired and optimistic. Papier HQ have an incredible offering of unique prints for you to line your walls with.

With love,

Flo family x

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