Why self care looks different for everyone

'Self care' has become a bit of a buzz word over the past few years. Everyone telling you to do this and that and try this gizmo and that product, all to make you feel better. I wonder if we stopped and thought about the fact that we are all unique individuals with completely different joys, desires, needs, fears, passions and abilities - would this be a reminder that self-care means completely different things for everyone?

I was encouraged by the words of a friend of mine who writes blogs, and wrote about how for many of us, we feel the need to be 'productive' almost all the time. If you're anything like my mum - that certainly is her 90% of the time, but she always reminds herself to take that 10% of the time she doesn't want to be going going going, and cherish it! Everyone's day looks different, and what you do or don't get done during this uncertain time, is absolutely dependent on where you're at spiritually, mentally and physically. 

I guess what I'm getting at, is that it's extremely easy to compare ourselves to one another through the likes of Instagram and other social media, as to what we are getting 'done' however, I remind myself this is only the snippet of this persons' life, and typically only the highlights of it too.

'Self-care' for you might be pouring a cuppa and enjoying it while flicking through a mag. It might be moving your body, or getting some fresh air. Heck, it might even be sleeping in past your usual early wake-up! As cliche as it sounds, know that wherever you're at, is absolutely fine. A quote that resonates with me is 'the time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time', which sums it up perfectly. Having that extra-long reading sesh is not wasted time, or doing what you love and not being what you'd call 'productive' is not wasted time.


If you're someone looking to engage in more things to do for yourself, here are some of our favourite things as shared by our lovely extended Flo family... 


Mary from Reti & Rose

"I look after my mental health by always telling myself what I'm grateful for. Every day. Whether that is writing it down, saying it out loud or in my head. By thinking of everything I am grateful for leaves me with an incredible feeling and helps you prioritise on what's important. I also love to work out, especially yoga. By moving my body it releases a lot of energy and feels incredible."

Sarah from Sage & Grace

"I love to get outside and climb a hill/mountain (particularly Papamoa hills or Mount Maunganui), or just a good run. Also spending quality time with people who bring joy and will sit and have a good cup of tea and a chat."

Catherine from Burrow & Be

"I love a really hot bath when I’m feeling overwhelmed. And a fast long walk always makes me refreshed and gives me an open mind to get through any mind blocks or worries."

Oscar from Collective Canvas

"Mindfulness (vipassana) meditation – 20 minutes first thing in the morning and ideally 20 minutes at night sometimes after work. I’ve been practising this for about 5 years now and it’s done a huge amount toward levelling me out and helping me deal with the everyday challenges of running a small business and everyday life. It helps keep me grounded in the present and focussed on the here and now, whereas in the past I’ve definitely been the type of person to get lost in my head thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

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