Summer raw satay pad thai salad

Hello foodie lovers!

Here's our take on one of our favourite recipes from the author of Whole by Natural Harry, an Aussie wholefood goddess! This is an easy peasy, healthy satay salad, for those peanut butter lovers. Thai food is a crowd favourite in our family, but in the warmer months, we prefer a fresher version of pad thai. We did a version with and without chicken, and obviously, you can adapt it to your liking or play around by using tofu or tempeh for a plant-based option for example.

Pad Thai Salad using zucchini noodles (serves 2)


1x capsicum

1/4 of a red cabbage

1x zucchini

A handful of mint

A handful coriander (roughly chopped)

1/4 Spring onion (roughly chopped)

A handful of peanuts (lightly toasted)

Protein source (either satay marinated tofu or shredded chicken)


1 Tablespoon of peanut butter

2 Tablespoons of coconut milk


Finely chop the capsicum and spiralise the zucchini into a bowl.

Add your prefered protein source.

Mix dressing ingredients and toss through the bowl.

Serve with toasted peanuts and, mint, coriander and spring onion on top. Voila!



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