Need some lockdown inspo? Check out these food blogs we're drooling over

We asked the Flo team for some recommendations for those of us based in Auckland needing inspiration to keep our meals interesting during Level 3. Our Commercial Bay sales superstar and foodie Min-Ji, has shared with us her fave food blogs that will do just that....

Bluebells Cakery

Neighbours to our Commercial Bay store, Bluebell's was started by the talented Karla Goodwin. Their bakeries and cookbooks have become a crowd favourite among Aucklanders and beyond.
Fave recipe: "Apple Turnover, as I’ve made it a tonne of times and for my family who doesn’t like things too sweet, it has been perfect!  
Three tips regarding the recipe though: I find the recipe works best with 1 green apple and 2 ambrosia (4 makes a bit too much), you will probably need a packet of Flake Puff pastry sheets (usually includes around 4 sheets), it is best for the pastry to be left for a little while until it is kinda soft to touch before spooning the pastry, if it is too cold, it usually seeps out the sides!" - Min-ji
Check out their highlight 'Iso recipes' on their instagram @blubellscakery for more inspo.


Open The Pantry 

Sirena behind Open the Pantry is a local mum who loves to bake and cook beautiful things. She has an insta @openthepantry, Facebook and youtube as well as a blog.


Fave recipe: "I’ve always failed at making macarons but her macaron recipe has not failed me!" - Min-ji  

Check out her Macha Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich recipe here.


Check out more of her drool-worthy recipes here.

Cooking with Shereen

Shereen's Instagram account @cookingwithshereen has awesome recipes and cooking tips, she’s also on TikTok and is incredibly sassy, which we love!

Fave recipe: "Her Eggplant Rollatini, it's as delish as it looks!" - Min-ji

Get the recipe  here.


Get more of her tasty recipes here.


Thanks so much Min-ji for the recommendations! 

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