Meet the team from Flo's Auckland stores.

While you can't visit our Auckland stores at the moment due to being in Level 3, we'd love to celebrate the wonderful ladies that make up our Auckland teams.

We are incredibly blessed to work with such an amazing team of women, every day! From all walks of life, the teams are made up of women who love making women feel confident, inside and out. We're inspired by, their love of customer service and relationships - and we wanted to introduce you to them!


Commercial Bay

Our lovely Commercial Bay team is led by the wonderful Sharon.  The rest of our team is made up of the lovely Hailey, Lea, Arpita, Minji, Devin, Christine, Lydia, Pippa and Holly.

Left to right: Hailey, Sharon, Devin and Arpita.



Karen is the leader of our wonderful Newmarket girls, and has been for over 3 years! Who you'll find in our Newmarket Flo's Home and Flo & Frankie, is (from left to right in the below photo): Aimee, Laura, Briar, Gabbi, Karen, Caitlin, Maddi and Emily. Missing from the photo is Kirsten, our Flo's Home manager, and Montana, Claudia, Lisa and Melissa.


Rochelle aka mama Ro, is our Milford store manager, with a bunch of wonderful ladies forming their family. Pictured below is Grace (Rochelle's youngest daughter), Helena, Hannah, Lucie and Lynn. Other ladies you'll meet at Milford not pictured are Steph, Lili and Chris.


The kind hearted Courtney is our manager at Ponsonby, leading a fabulous group there. Pictured below is Cath, Leanne, Molly, Hami and Courtney. 

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