Meet our team!

We are incredibly blessed to work with such an amazing team of women, every day! Our support office team is made up of a small group of passionate, fun, women all the way from Peru to France and home.


From left to right: Jacki, Jet, Donna, Geo, Iris, Brooke, Bex and Chrissy. Missing Bella & Steph.


Meet the team...


Principal paper shuffler and expert wine taster, Donna is our stock controller and accounts administrator.

What's your favourite book of all time?

"Belle by Lesley Pearse – an inspirational storytelling book of a woman who fought courageously out of heartless world and trying to do good in a world gone bad – there is a series of these books which I loved from cover to cover."


Hawke's Bay born foodie and wine lover, Geo's our digital marketing & graphic design guru.

What are your favourite cafes in Auckland?

"Dizengoff – The best-scrambled eggs and creamy mushrooms; it's the best brekky you’ll ever have.

Kokako in Grey-Lynn does the best coffee.

Candyshop – consistently mouthwatering epic food."


Dana our style connoisseur, looks after our buying of all homewares, gifts and accessories brands.

What's your favourite homewares brand at Flo?

"I love Ashley & Co because it's an amazing kiwi business and I can't get enough of their scents!"


Peru born and bred cocktail enthusiast, Jet is a product developer for our in-house brands.

What's your favourite place to go for a drink?

"It's got to be getting a cocktail at Soul Bar at the Viaduct!"

Chrissy (aka mama Flo)

I'm the chief trouble maker, concept wrangler, and coffee addict that they can't get rid of ;)

Who's a woman who inspires you?

"This is a tricky one because I'm inspired by so many woman! If I have to pick one I'd have to say Maya Angelou, for her wisdom and compassion is what I aspire to have more than anything."


Gorgeous mama to be, Bex is one of our product developers who we'll miss when she goes on maternity leave in October!

Favourite series?

"The Offspring! Relatable everyday life situations that make you laugh out loud, based in Melbourne where I lived for 7 years."


Our fave Frenchie (aka croissant fanatic) looks after our buying and planning for all our fashion brands.

Fave fashion brand at Flo?

"I would say ReCreate. The products are not only amazing quality, simple and beautifully cut, but also organic and ethically made. Without mentioning their profit goes towards helping communities in Cambodia. They are very kind people and it’s always a pleasure to work with them!

I have to say I’m also a huge fan of Nobody Denim.  As your typical, classic French, jeans have always been my go-to for every and any occasion and I absolutely love their cuts, quality and that they are sustainably made." 



Newest to our team, bubbly Steph is one of our product developers who's also a genius with the sewing machine.

Favourite place in NZ?

"Raglan! I love the chill vibe and that you can go for a swim at the beach, a paddle board at the estuary and a surf at the bay all in the same day."


Brooke's our lovely Excel wizz who spends her time merchandise planning, reporting and working on our online store.

What's your favourite way to start the day?

"Big glass of water and getting my body moving. A walk on the beach, training at the gym or a sunrise yoga sesh are all my faves."


The Canadian queen of rapport, Jackie is everyone's best friend and assists with all things HR/internal communications.

What do you like about being in the Flo team?

"I just love being part of the Flo team; from the warm buzz of being in the office and the supportive camaraderie of the managers, to the lovely enthusiasm of each of the in-store sales superstars."


Working part-time, Bella's passion sees her championing our sustainable brands and give-back projects alongside social media and assisting with graphic design. 

Who's someone you feel is making a difference in your generation? 

"Greta Thunberg, for standing up for one of the most important crisis of our time, and having no fear about if that makes her likeable or not - that takes true bravery."



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