Meet Nikki from local wellness brand Indie & Mae

 Lovely Nikki  has been part of the extended Flo & Frankie family for many years with her brand Indie & Mae. Born in 2017, her brand focuses on wellbeing and selfcare. We asked her a few questions about life, business and inspiration...

Tell us a bit about how you found your way towards Indie & Mae. How did you get into it, and what were your first pieces?

"Indie & Mae was born through my own healing journey which led me to train in reiki. My first products were developed to use & offer with my reiki clients To give them tools to use with me or at home to support them emotionally which were the Aura Cleanse room spray and my first range of Essential Oil Roller Blends.... "

For someone reading this who wants to become a business owner do you have any tips on how to get started or any home truths you'd like to share?

"As an emotional decision maker I have learnt to sit with decisions before committing with nearly everything I do so that I don’t make rash decisions & also so I don’t muck people around if I change my mind."

As a creative that’s often working from home it can be easy to get sucked into a little bubble. Where are your favourite places in your area to go when you need a break or are hoping to get some inspiration?

"We live in a small community in the Waikato (Te Awamutu) where I am surrounded by a huge amount of creatives who inspire me but my favourite place ever to hang out without a doubt is a magical wee space called ‘Yoga & Oils’  it is a magical studio where you always leave grounded with a skip in your step!"

What is your favourite quote?

"If you don’t cry every now & then you will rust on the inside."

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