Meet Jenny from Ketz-Ke & Leo + Be

In 2006 Auckland based designer Jenny Drury saw a gap in the Australasian market between boutique and streetwear with feminine styling and a distinctive creative edge, so she created Ketz-Ke, to offer quality, casual, style led contemporary women’s clothing that stands out from the crowd.

We chat to Jenny about how her brands began and the life of owning a business...

Tell us a bit about how you found your way towards Ketz-ke / Leo + Be. How did you get into it, and what were your first pieces? 

"My passion for fashion overruled going to university so I left school in the 7th Form to manage a clothing store in Hamilton, much to the shock of my school teachers. I then became a sales rep for a clothing company. After 6 years of traveling up and down the country I started designing as I had a wealth of information on what buyers and customers were looking for and I really wanted to express my own inspiration into a clothing line.  This eventually led to designing 3 labels for a company.  After the birth of my son I left to start my own business as I needed to be in charge of my own destiny!!! It just felt right at that time to take the leap and back myself.

My first collection was a range of 30 items and I would classify all of the styles in it as my favourites. It was like designing a wardrobe of everything I wanted to wear."


What are some things you need to have around you to feel inspired and happy at work? 

"Great music, nice smells and coffee & slice."


How would you describe your brand in 3 words? 

"Relaxed, effortless, timeless."


What do you do to switch off? 

"I try to exercise daily but if that doesn’t happen a glass of wine and a bag of ready salted kettle fries put me into relax mode for sure."


Where is your favourite destination of all time and why?

"Skiing in Japan would be the destination that holds my fondest memories."


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