Meet the duo behind the social enterprise 'Ethos & Co'

We first came across Ethos & Co at a friends house, and were instantly inspired by the brand, which gives back 100% of it's profits towards empowering communities in Cambodia. We wanted to hear a bit more about how this brand came about, so got chatting with Gerard and Hana...

What motivated you to start Ethos & Co?

"We wanted to use ethical skincare to create a better world - to change lives in Cambodia and in the process, net gain for the environment. The 3 pillars of sustainability, (social, environmental and economic) are the cornerstone of our brand.

ETHOS' origins lie in a beautiful and remote part of Cambodia where we volunteered back in 2009. Cambodia was recovering from three decades of civil war & unrest after 1/2 of the population died and the Khmer Rouge turned Cambodia into a nation-sized concentration camp.

We were acutely aware of the huge disparity between our world and theirs, and the injustice of severe poverty and modern day slavery hit us hard.

It didn't feel right resuming a 'normal' life back in this country. Last year we set up ETHOS to focis on helping Kampot's coconut-growing families."  

What's unique about Ethos?

"- We do direct ethical trade with families, buying coconuts from the tree for twice the price they would normally get. 

- Environmentally, Cambodia's one of the top ten worst affected countries by climate change. We wanted to help Cambodian's build climate resilience, so we're starting a coconut tree replanting scheme to capture carbon, and create future income opportunities for villagers. 

- Plus,we wanted to make safe products that are 100% naturally derived, which don't harm aquatic environments, so we use gentle plant-derived preservation instead of harsh synthetic preservatives."

How would you describe the overall mission of your brand in 3 words? 
                                                                                                                               "Creating Sustainable Impact"

At Flo we love to support local, what are some of your must go or hidden gems in your area?

"- Tokyo Bay for an authentic very special Japanese food experience (no fusion here!) - perfection all round with beach views.

- Mimosa Cafe for beautifully presented, environmentally conscious plant-based food made with carw.

- Nomad Cafe where the coffee's roasted on site, tucked away in Barrys Point Rd."

What do you do to switch off? 

"Our favourite way to switch off is getting out anywhere in nature, either walking in one of the local forest reserves or beaches (especially Takapuna Beach on a stormy day when you can forget you're in a city of 1.4 million people!). 

Paddleboarding at sunrise on Lake Pupuke when the water is like glass is incredibly relaxing.  But best of all is getting out into our incredible remote wilderness areas around the country as often as possible."


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