Lucy's Letterbox friendly Chocolate Bark

How to make letterbox chocolate bark

This recipe is perfect for sending a treat to your mum for mothers day. It is sooo simple and people get really impressed by it!
Unfortunately, I don't have Flo and Frankie delivery to my London flat so I often have to get creative with gifts and my go-to is always to make something. Chocolate is already a crowd-pleaser so the fact that has been 'homemade' makes it all the more special.
To make 2 trays of chocolate bark you will need:
For the base
- 4 blocks of dark chocolate
For the toppings
Option 1: 
- The rind of 1 orange
- Tbs of coconut shards
- A handful of roasted almonds (chopped)
Option 2: 
- Soft peanut butter 
- Crumbled cookies(I used leftover Afghans!)
Get creative with your toppings - you can almost use anything so raid the cupboard and see what goodies you find to create some fun new chocolate combos! Dried fruit and coconut would have been the bomb but I didn't have any.
1. First, get all of your toppings ready and lay them out on your workbench. 
2. Get 2 baking trays ready and line them with baking paper.
3.  Chop your chocolate into small chunks and melt it in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water on the stovetop. Mix your chocolate occasionally as it melts until all the lumps are gone and you have a lovely smooth texture.
4. Pour the melted chocolate evenly into the 2 trays and spread it flat from edge to edge. You don't want it to be too much thinner than a phone. 
5. For the first tray, sprinkle on your orange rind, chopped almonds and coconut shards as evenly as possible all over the melted chocolate. 
6. For the second tray, drizzle your peanut butter back and forth over the melted chocolate, then sprinkle your crumbled cookie evenly all over.
7. Place both trays in the fridge for a few hours or until the chocolate has hardened.
8. Place your giant chocolate slabs on a board and chop them into mini blocks. Wrap them up with some foil and cute paper with string, place in an envelope and send it to your loved ones - and don't forget to save some for you!
This recipe can be adapted in so many ways, so you can really get creative! Using dark chocolate is always great as it has a real decadence and often caters to vegan diets.
I'd love to know about any fun flavour combos you come up with so please write them in the comments and tag us on Instagram when you make them as we are always looking for more inspiration. Enjoy!

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